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Unless and until PAS succumb to his will, this largest Malay opposition party that has conquered Kelantan since 27 years ago is said to be the major factor to divide the Malays and Muslims. That is the message conveyed from Dr Mahathir in his recent blog article that many and in particular the Malays will smirk on such claims since it is from someone who has a long history to mess up the nation and its people.

At this point of time, Dr Mahathir is increasingly overshadowed by fears and frustrations when all his plots to overthrow Najib gathered more failures than successes, and the latest is when his demands are outright rejected by PAS. As reminded by PM Najib, when Dr Mahathir failed to convince PAS and UMNO, the need to confuse their members is paramount.

A clear and unequivocal decision that PAS had unanimously rejected any collaboration involving DAP and PAN and in his last straw, Dr Mahathir maintains his delusional statement that PAS is under PM Najib’s thumb. Perhaps this should be UMNO’s good news but in all PAS intended contesting seats, they will be challenging against UMNO candidates. Is this what Dr Mahathir meant?

Dr Mahathir loves to remind us about history whenever he touches on politics but alas he is selective in his evidence. In his latest article Dr Mahathir wrote;

“Bagi orang Melayu penubuhan PAS adalah satu malapetaka. Ia memecahbelah perpaduan Melayu dalam UMNO yang berjaya tumpas Malayan Union. Walaupun orang Melayu menjadi majoriti di Malaysia, tetapi dengan adanya PAS orang Melayu tidak menjadi majoriti lagi.” – Chedet (17 April 2017)

PAS appeared to be a disaster to the Malay unity in UMNO who triumphed over Malayan Union. Despite as the majority in Malaysia, with PAS existence, the Malays are divided. His statement is correct yet questionable when history has proven that it is during his premiership, UMNO splinter parties boomed. With PAS, later Semangat46 led by Ku Li and of course Dr Mahathir’s most daunting existence of PKR, these political parties emerged from UMNO break-ups.

The Malays are further divided when PAN existed from PAS. Perhaps Dr Mahathir is too ashamed to admit that his new party is a Malay-based that he deliberately missed out in his article. Not only that Dr Mahathir has contributed most to Malay disunity in the past, he is dividing them further into smaller factions today.

Before Dr Mahathir put his blame on PAS existence to the Malay disintegration, in any case, he should not even try to overlook with what is happening in Pakatan Harapan partners.

When DAP is aggressively pitching for Malay members into their party, is this is not accounted for to split the Malays? Subsequent to Mat Sabu’s team lost in PAS election and formed PAN, are the Malays united? And most significantly, the party that Dr Mahathir recently established aimed to pull out UMNO members, are the majority Malays retained?

There is no other way that Dr Mahathir’s cry to retain Malays as the majority could succeed when he need to start with Pakatan Harapan. Firstly, dissolve PPBM and his supporters can choose either to join Mat Sabu’s PAN which is obviously a Malay-based party or if it is not suitable, PKR should be their alternative. But if Dr Mahathir fails or perhaps refuse to initiate as such, this clearly telling us that his viewpoints towards Malay unity are sheer hypocrisy.

It is such a pretence when Dr Mahathir is apparently afraid to produce articles about Malay disunity in Umno, and in particular during his presidency. It is hoped that Dr Mahathir realised that when a finger is pointing towards others, nine others will be pointing back to him as history is always alive.




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