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What do people mean when they say old habits die hard? Look no further to Ezam Noor when even he has left PKR and UMNO, his deceitful manner never fade. A recent police report lodged against his new Parti Bebas Rasuah is said syphoned from NewGen Party. The original party President of NewGen G Kumar was astonished when Ezam collaborated with their former secretary-general S Gobi Krishnan who was suspended from his position amidst the party internal investigation.

To obscure their offence, Ezam and Gobind changed to a new name as Parti Bebas Rasuah and set aside all supreme council’s approval. To collaborate with someone who is suspended from his position in the party is definitely a clear cut of violating the party’s ethics and code of conduct. Morally, Ezam should be ashamed to name his new party that would be associated as a graft buster when at the outset was blatantly deceiving the public.

It is also known to everyone that Ezam has submitted to join Pakatan Harapan and probably his new party will be rejected in view of the upheavals.

It is said that NewGen Party has about 300 existing members and as Ezam is apparently in a haste to form a new party, to syphon the party’s lock, stock and barrel would be the best method. Despite Gobind’s suspension from his position, he has formed a separate committee without any notice and done without the consent of majority members and this is done in undemocratic circumstances.

All these accusations from the original party’s President G Kumar against Parti Bebas Rasuah were never denied by Ezam during his press conference. Ezam was only hoping that everything would be alright and claimed that his new party was legally registered. Ezam is correct to emphasise that, but what he has deliberately missed out is that the Registrar of Society (ROS) will not simply abandon the obtained reports and hence a thorough investigation will be conducted that shall resort into ages before concluding it.

The original party’s President G Kumar too has elaborated that NewGen Party was established merely to support the government and trusting PM Najib’s premiership but since Ezam and Khairuddin intended to join the opposition alliance in Pakatan Harapan, this certainly contradicts the initial purpose. It is even more despicable when their new party was misused as a platform to attack PM.

Too bad if Ezam and Khairuddin may miss participating in the coming general election in the process of ROS investigation. Just a friendly reminder to Ezam and Khairuddin that when your greed and malice know no bounds, the Malay proverb has this to say to both of you… “Orang tamak selalu rugi” that even before your admission to a race, you are already defeated!

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