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By hiding behind the word “alliance”, it is now increasingly evident when in actual they have been adopting specious politics among them. From a disclosed closed dialogue held in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Guan Eng clearly demonstrating his true colours for Anwar Ibrahim.

In February 2015, Anwar’s second Sodomy case was concluded and he had to serve a jail sentence for 5 years. Prior to that, PKR initiated Kajang Move which was originally intended to coup from Tan Sri Khalid for Anwar Ibrahim as Selangor Chief Minister but after realising that he would lose his final court appeal, Wan Azizah was replaced as PKR candidate in the by-election.

Thus began the race for the post of Menteri Besar that the Sultan of Selangor was also dragged into their turmoils. Anwar and PKR followed by DAP were very insistent on naming Wan Azizah that only her name was submitted. As insisted by Tuanku, PAS suggested Azmin and two others when eventually PAS choice was approved.

In the dialogue with Singaporeans, Guan Eng touched several national politics issues and in particular Selangor crisis. These are what Guan Eng had to say;

“We didn’t deny that Selangor crisis has put us in a very bad light. I also spoken to Datuk Seri Anwar to tell him that this was very badly handled, and of course he agreed with me… It was done in a very proud and very dirty manner without consultation with either PAS or DAP. This was a shortcoming on his part and of course he apologised not only personally but also publicly. But mistake has been done. And the matter is finally resolved. So we have shown that we are not very good in managing crisis. Yes, we admit that.”

Thus, Guan Eng continued his solemn utterance to condemn against Anwar Ibrahim on the Kajang Move;

“And I still think that Anwar is a boon to Pakatan, he is not a bane to Pakatan, he is a boon to Pakatan, basically because you can criticise for his shortcoming, the fact that he didn’t manage well some issues that he dealt with, or had a dealt with one hand, pushing for his wife (to become the Menteri Besar of Selangor) and ended up you know getting humiliated having Azmin to come up (as the Menteri Besar of Selangor), also losing his title of Datuk Seri, but he is still a boon to Pakatan because if you look at that person with that persona and that experience definitely it is him. But if he is imprisoned and Pakatan, provided that we resolve this issue, can go on. We went on when he was imprisoned. And I still think he is more dangerous inside than outside for BN.”

Guan Eng continued his solemn utterance to condemn against Anwar Ibrahim on the Kajang Move. Guan Eng ascribed that Anwar was puffed up with conceit and the move was a mere dirty ploy. Although today PAS is no longer in cahoot with DAP, Guan Eng seems to have agreed with the PAS President Hadi Awang that the Kajang Move move was a huge mistake by Anwar;

“I think what principally motivated Hadi (to change) was actually anger with Anwar. Anwar made the Selangor Move completely keeping everyone in the dark. Probably I don’t take it as an affrontment. After that he came out he called me out and apologised. I am a bit more forgiving person, so I just said, very unfortunate you have to really explain. I think for Hadi it is something he couldn’t take it because this is not the first time Anwar had doing things without consultation. So in a way, I think this pushed Hadi over the cliff, so to say.”

We would not be surprised if Guan Eng discredits the ruling party BN abroad despite the fact he is more likely to lie as he is in the opposition bloc but when he denigrates Anwar Ibrahim, not only it startled BN supporters but will definitely turn PKR blue and dumbfounded on Guan Eng’s motives.

It is crystal clear now that Lim Guan Eng is a  sanctimonious person and at anytime he would back-stabbed his own allies and friends. Standing beside PKR leaders, he would praise Anwar and even participated in the ‘Free Anwar’ campaign but once he is out of PKR sight, he will casually demonise this PKR’s de facto leader and he has done it.

This is not the first that Guan Eng is arrogant towards his fellow allies and he has done it too to his peers in DAP. If PKR does not learn from Tunku Aziz and PAS, what can be said is… it is your funeral!




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