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What actually is the drama behind Peter Chong who was alleged gone missing when actually he was seen in Southern Thailand? The opposition’s usual antics would be to give the impression that the country is no longer safe when as though their activists have gone missing every other month and the police force ability is now doubted.

Just as how these opposition leaders are quick to conclude Peter Chong’s disappearance just to cause unrest and undermine the police ability, without delay Kit Siang, who concurred with the Malaysian Bar president George Varughese accused that the country is beginning to turn into a ‘rogue state’. The electoral watchdog Bersih 2.0 on the other hand, urged the police to make Peter Chong’s missing case a priority.

By doing so, if we are the kind who is highly impressionable to such incitements, should we not have any sense of dread?

For all we know that these opposition leaders are striving really hard to portray as the rakyat’s hero but in fact instigating us and feeding speculations. As the police are prompt at tracing Peter Chong’s whereabouts with Thailand police cooperation, this does not only illustrate a deliberately falsify case created by the oppositions but what is most important is that our police force are agile in their actions and its pieces of information are without doubt and most reliable.

How can someone who quietly bought two bus tickets to travel to Thailand be considered as a missing person and abducted? Just because he is a former aide to a PKR MP and with his Facebook posting telling that he was approached by a stranger conveying quite an intriguing message, connecting to several cases of missing activists, hence it was concluded by the oppositions that the country is unsafe?

For Kit Siang to regard the country as a ‘rogue state’ is an obvious malicious instigation when he has deliberately lose sight that crime rate in Penang is among the highest that we have seen in many cases how the people in Penang were shot in public areas. Is this not obvious that DAP-led state should be Kit Siang’s ‘rogue state’ best model?

In most cases of missing persons stormed by the oppositions are in Petaling Jaya area which is DAP parliamentary constituency under Tony Pua. Therefore, if people need to feel insecure, it should be the DAP constituencies when too many crimes had occurred. Be very certain that DAP will certainly at their best effort to conceal such reality.

With Peter Chong’s lost and found drama, the opposition attempt to encourage people into believing their fabricated ploy is once again dismantled and hence successfully repulsed immediately. As the general election is drawing near, this shall be part of their malice scheme to what was reminded by PM Najib Razak as their modus operandi to deceive the rakyat and further incite hatred and doubts towards the ruling party Barisan Nasional.

A reminder for all of us to only expect false alarm from the opposition leaders for they will create anything and lie about anything to ordinary people like you and me in their attempts to achieve their goals.




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