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If Rafizi’s supposedly verbal evidence was obtained from the recently resigned MACC Operation Director Bahri Mohamad Zain, once again he is proven to hold on to nothing new and shocking but rather stale and known.Perhaps Rafizi may not realise the connection between this Kelantanese Bahri and PAS leaders were close and mutual that whatever Rafizi had exposed were made known and yet it remains just at a glance but not substantiate to regard it as solid evidence.

This was recently confirmed by Information Chief for PAS Ulama Council Datuk Dr Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali that Bahri has prior disclosed the information to PAS leaders. What is more intriguing is that even Bahri was assuming that the cheque was seen at a glimpse and uncertain of the recipient.

Even as promised by Bahri to furnish them further with solid evidence, he failed to provide them until his last day in the office. Therefore, PAS has considered such verbal accusations as a non-issue and are extremely lax claims. Bahri was said to even fail to provide certain important information such as the amount and date written.

To PAS, Rafizi seems in difficulties to absorb even simple and straightforward documents that without proper information it is considered as evident. In other words, not only Rafizi’s credibility is questioned, PAS may wish to call him either a liar and plain stupid into believing Bahri’s assumptions.

Simultaneously, PAS is very confident that Rafizi possessed no evidence as he has been using the term ‘if’ in his statutory declaration, a real indication that he himself is not sure of what he was talking about it.

On the same note, PAS too made it clear that the party leaders shall not entertain or even respond further to his baseless claims when Rafizi himself is unsure.

PAS too made it clear that the party leaders shall not entertain or even respond further to his baseless claims when Rafizi himself is unsure. Without realising it, first Rafizi claimed that the individual who has received funds from 1MDB is a prominent PAS leader. A day later, it is someone close to PAS and within the next few days, the person is said to be a former PAS leader. With such inconsistencies, not only Rafizi is confusing others but himself too.

Rafizi’s allegation to the public against PAS, clearly shows how desperate he is to divert the issue that has stirred fierce criticism and uproar from netizens due to rejecting in PAS efforts to strengthen the role of the Syariah Court. Worst still when Rafizi appeared with DAP in a press conference.

In addition, Rafizi’s attempt to give a bad reputation to the PAS as they are now regarded as an enemy of the new DAP-led pact. Either realising it or not, in actual Rafizi has openly recognised and admitted that PAS and its leaders are too influential in the opposition circles.

Ultimately, Rafizi has tarnished his peers’ reputations in Pakatan Harapan being incompetent for ceaselessly providing false news and trusting into defamations in order to win the rakyat’s votes that without a doubt, that is the true image of PKR, DAP, PAN and PPBM in Pakatan Harapan.




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