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Respect and recognition should be earned and not be cadged or self-proclaimed, as ever conceded by Kit Siang to claim and hence appointing himself as a patriot. In fact, to call oneself as a patriot is a person who in their words and actions demonstrate their unwavering loyalty to the country. Has Kit Siang been or is doing so as compared to the BN social activists?During a recent meet with BN social media activists, PM Najib called on to consider themselves as the nationalist patriots who have vigorously defended the dignity of Malaysia and her leaders in its true sense.

Compare that with whatever Kit Siang has done that contradicts even his own proclaims when he has been relentlessly running down the nation and yet feeling contented. If sabotaging the country’s economy is also the inclination of a patriot as claimed by Kit Siang, it truly coincides if one is to call him as an insane old man.

Perhaps these social media activists may not be many as compared to millions of Malaysians but their presence to play their role in defending the government is significant and thus, they are recognised by none other than the Prime Minister. Undeniably that their presence is felt even though in the past the oppositions were dominating the internet but today, it is the oppositions that are breathless.

As noted by Prime Minister Najib Razak that the battlefield today are no longer in physical form or a “face to face” combat but the “cyberspace war” has taken place that it is even more merciless.

If we reminisce about the last two general elections, not only that the Barisan Nasional Government is vulnerable to attacks but ended up to be defenceless. In trusting that only Barisan Nasional is the best people’s choice to govern the nation and the need to repulse defamatory and false news, hence disseminating factual and correct information are paramount.

In facing the coming general elections, expect the same pattern to repeat just to incite hatred and doubts among the voters when obviously their previous false hopes and empty promises have failed to take effect.

PM Najib emphasised that the oppositions will stop at nothing in spreading lies and rumours since their modus operandi is merely based on “If you cannot convince them, confuse them”. For that, he urged that these BN social activists together with the ruling party BN to be always alert and prompt in our response and yet are not easily caught up in their ploy.

Any Malaysians who are against traitors are the true nationalist patriots. Being a traitor to your nation, Kit Siang shall be the best exemplar when this nation should only be in need of people like these BN social media activists who are undaunted in dealing with traitors such as Kit Siang.




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