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Either he is too embarrassed or a desperation after attempting to discredit PAS and Dato Nasharuddin, Rafizi is bombarded with questions on a crook detained in Singapore named John Soh. The Malaysian businessman is said to be the largest contributor to the PKR’s fund since the days of Anwar’s. This disclosure has also been confirmed by Badrul Hisham or well-known as Chegu Bard demanding PKR top leadership such as Rafizi, Nurul Izzah and Saifuddin Nasution to come clean on the RM26 million from John Soh.

As early as 2012 the name John Soh was tipped by Raja Petra but few took notice even when political funding sources were mooted by PM Najib Razak who boldly suggested that all political parties ought to declare their funds. It seems that once again the name of John Soh surfaced into the country’s political scenario and this time it seems that it is invigorated by Rafizi.

The political fund was vigorously opposed by none other than the Pakatan Harapan leaders but on the other hand, they resort into fabricated stories of the RM2.6 billion donations from King of Saudi Arabia when it was ratified by the MACC, PDRM and the Bank Negara.

Who is John Soh to PKR? John Soh is a Malaysian businessman and a staunch supporter of Anwar Ibrahim during those days when he served as the Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister. John Soh’s wealth peaked when his business empire was supported and partnered with Malaysian former Transport Minister Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik.

Among the titans involving John Soh including Promet, Uniphoenix Corp, Plantation and Development and Kelanamas Industries. He has his business in Singapore too and in 1995 when he was the largest shareholder and a director in the Singapore-listed Inno-Pacific Holdings, presently known as Innopac, and took control of Ipco International too.

John So was once investigated by Malaysia’s Securities Commission for illegally owned a second stockbroking firm. He fled abroad and upon returning home to Malaysia after 3 years, he was arrested and found guilty with RM6 million fine.

And now John Soh is detained by Singapore for his ongoing trial on 188 charges of masterminding into Singapore’s 2013 penny stock crash and the Singapore media considered it as “The longest term ever imposed arrest for financial crimes”

The Singapore Straits Times has this to say;

“Soh initially faced 181 charges for allegedly manipulating Blumont, Asiasons and LionGold shares between August 2012 and October 2013. The shares surged between 150 and 800 per cent in less than nine months, before losing most of their market value in just three days in October 2013, wiping out more than $8 billion in value.”

With multiple exposures from within and neighbouring country Singapore on John Soh, now that we are certain to why the opposition leaders from Pakatan Harapan had rejected PM Najib’s suggestion to declare their fund resources. With this revelation too, Rafizi who is apparently too busy meddling into other party’s affairs but deliberately missed to straighten out his own party’s financial resources, it turned out that his party is backed by a crook.

As Rafizi has challenged the police to take actions against him, it should be done the same against Chegubard and Raja Petra. If there is nothing to fear, Rafizi ought to urge all members in Pakatan Harapan to agree with PM Najib’s suggestion to declare the financial resources and earnestly request Wan Azizah to deny the allegations in public.

As long as there is no official statement from PKR, Chegu Bard’s and Raja Petra’s claims are true and it is confirmed that PKR is backed by a crook!




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