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After receiving uproar and fierce criticism from the rakyat for opposing the RUU355 amendment tabled by PAS President, in diverting this mounting tension, it is so unfortunate when Rafizi has to rely on stale news. It is nothing new about Rafizi’s recent exposure when not only PAS members already knew but the public too could guess correctly beforehand but apparently, it is Rafizi who is left behind.

So much so that the former MACC senior official who leaked information though not naming him, the rakyat could guess correctly without having to wait for his supposed shocking disclosure. Apart from Bahri, there is no other resigned senior officer from MACC who blatantly disclosed information through his second wife’s Facebook on MACC probe into 1MDB. It is also understood that Bahri’s resignation is due to his in-law’s report against him for abuse of power during his office.

As Rafizi named the former PAS Deputy President Datuk Nasharudin Mat Isa or well known as Nasha, lost to Rafizi’s ally Mat Sabu, he was also dismissed from PAS and established an NGO called Yayasan Nassar. Between Nasha and Mat Sabu is when they lost in the party election, one was axed from the party and Nasha established an NGO to pursue his Islamic struggle but Mat Sabu left the party to form a splinter political party at the mercy of PAS’s adversary, DAP.

Rafizi’s ill-intentions are clear when implicating Nasha to 1MDB fund when the need to drag PM Najib into embezzlement is necessary and UMNO-PAS Islamic affairs relationship ought to be doubted. They are just political intended but what he has once again failed to enclose is evidence. It is just his usual antics full of mere baseless accusations that the funds are sourced from 1MDB through PM Najib Razak.

In fact, even if PM Najib has contributed to Nasha, the funds were allocated to an NGO and not a political party, unlike what DAP has granted to Mat Sabu. There is nothing wrong for a government to contribute to NGOs when even NGO led by Ezam Noor has received. Any NGO who has forwarded their applications to seek government financial aid, they have every right to these allocations and should not be denied.

In Nasha’s case, how is it possible that Rafizi could implicate his claims with PAS unless he is able to produce a financial flow as his evidence which is more convincing. If this is how Rafizi wishes to act against PAS and UMNO, they can also claim that Wan Azizah and PKR has received foreign funds for their party and worst still when these funds are said to be from George Soros’s foundation. The latest that we know is their former party Vice President also well-known as Chegu Bard has revealed that PKR used to receive funds from a criminal based in Singapore.

Concurrently, should Rafizi is too eager to disclose his opponent parties political funds, he should first come clean to inform the public about PKR’s funding resources whereby that include Pakatan Harapan members from DAP, PAN and PPBM. Then you can snoop into others.

Political funds are not illegal in this country and PM Najib himself had earlier suggested in Parliament that all political parties declare them but to no avail when they are opposed by Rafizi’s party and its allies.

Since PM Najib has revealed his donor and ratified by MACC, the police and Bank Negara, it is already high time that DAP, PKR, PPBM and PAN take the same honourable move unless you have a lot to hide from the public.

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