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For DAP to oppose any Islamic and Malay affairs, they are demonstrating their obvious anti-Islam and anti-Malay stance but for Tony Pua, DAP’s national publicity secretary to conclude that PM Najib commits a crime and as the biggest thief in the country and demonstrate it to the social media, he deserves the law summon.

Tony Pua clearly and deliberately issuing the following lines and posted to his personal Facebook on April 6 after the Speaker of Dewan Rakyat allowed the tabling of proposed amendments to Bill 355 for the second time by the Marang PAS MP, Hadi Awang.

“(Allowing Hadi’s motion) was actually designed as a political scheme to distract Malaysians from the crimes that the prime minister has committed, mainly the fact that the prime minister has stolen billions of ringgit from 1MDB, a wholly owned subsidiary of the government of Malaysia.

“[…] We will, on the part of DAP, reject the private member’s bill brought forward by Marang, but the bigger agenda, … that we should not lose sight of, is to bring down a kleptocratic administration led by the biggest thief of all in the country, Dato’ Sri Najib Razak.”

Since the Islamic law (hudud) was passed by PAS in Kelantan, DAP has initiated a series of attacks on PAS that in the beginning they announced advocating against PAS president only but after their cohorts were heavily defeated in the party election, later DAP decided to eliminate PAS by dissolving Pakatan Rakyat (PR) even without authorisation from PKR and Wan Azizah as PR’s chief. This is how insolent DAP could be to their allies.

Even among fellow friends, DAP will act superior, what more if they are their political opponents when they will be mercilessly taunted and demonised at all costs.

PM Najib Razak has always been DAP’s prime target but to call him as a criminal and thief with just political grudges and hearsay, have infringed the bounds of moral and sanity of a normal human and hence tarnished our country’s politics.

To Tony Pua, political correctness and prudence are never in accordance with his politics in which there is never an inch of guilt but a must to spark hatred and spreading lies. This has been going for too long and the only way to a stop is to take him to court even after he is demanded to provide pieces of evidence.

Facebook is an online platform where Tony not only encouraged his followers to view his video but beyond boundaries, the whole world is able to watch them. His ill-intentions are clear, PM Najib ought to be sabotaged for his success and excellence in leading the country.

As China is throwing hundreds of billions into Malaysia, with the Saudi Arabia King’s visit and the success agreement inked for Pengerang, in the rationalisation plan to dispose off 1MDB’s short-term debts and not to be missed, PM Najib’s wisdom to handle crisis with Phnom Phen and Ukraine terrorists, these are all definitely bad news for Tony Pua and the oppositions.

If Tony Pua missed the latest development in Swiss investigation on 1MDB, they have just dropped the case since they admitted that there was no systematic and serious misconduct. Earlier, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) had never convoluted PM Najib during their investigation with UBS. But Tony and DAP are deliberately deaf and mute about them but choose to continuously fool their followers and supporters.

Tony can still pose his arrogance when produced with a letter of demand, asking him to apologise and retract his Facebook defamatory video on PM Najib but let us see if he remains undaunted if it is a one billion worth summons that will disqualify him from contesting in general elections and eventually ending up in Sungai Buloh or perhaps Kajang dungeon.

He is not expected to even feel sorry, therefore he deserves not to be compromised.





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