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Anwar’s insistence on supporting Hadi Awang in the RUU355 amendments is no surprise despite whatever the reasons were given. His recent letter from prison that we knew is just another fabrication, is thus completely contrary to the will of the DAP and Dr Mahathir to block and failed Hadi Awang. Why is it so?PKR in Selangor is far more critical than DAP in Penang when DAP conquers 2/3 majority and DAP has the most seats. In Selangor, even though it is a PKR-led state, they were never granted the full power when others in the opposition pact have equal shares.

In the last 13th general election, out of the 56 state seats contested in Selangor, DAP won 15, PAS with 15 too and PKR only managed to secure 14 seats that the oppositions are able to form a government which at that point of time known as the Pakatan Rakyat.

In fairness, it is either DAP or PAS was supposed to lead Selangor but since DAP has Penang whereas PAS retained their Kelantan, hence Selangor was given to PKR out of mercy even though they may call it a consensus.

After the political upheaval during the last four years, the distribution of seats among the opposition parties changed slightly but DAP remained unchanged with 14 seats, PAS lost one to their splinter in PAN and PKR lost 1 seat to Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim as an Independent.

As a result, DAP still has the most seats in Selangor assembly that if a voting process was to be held among Pakatan Harapan members, DAP has the advantage while PAS is already out of the picture. In reality, PKR has no absolute control in Selangor unlike DAP in Penang and PAS in Kelantan.

Rafizi’s stance to join effort with DAP publicly to protest against Hadi Awang’s private bill amendments too have received uproar from the public and in particular the Malays. This has certainly threatened thus unsettled PKR’s position in Selangor that turned their leaders’ faces as pale as ghosts.

So be it if Rafizi was just to test the market, PKR has received a clear message that to go against Hadi Awang’s private bill is as clear as DAP’s anti-Islam that their chances to even retain existing Malay voters support could deteriorate badly.

Realising such perilous position, instead of its Secretary-General who should produce Anwar’s letter, PKR chooses their dysfunctional Vice-President Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin to convey them.

It is obvious that PKR is facing divisions within their party when they had to emphasise to those who disagree with Anwar’s call, it should not be regarded as the party’s stance but to their own accord. As PKR comprises of multi-racial leaders and members, this party appears failing to reach consensus when it comes to Islam affairs and Malay rights.

Since Selangor need to be saved from not only UMNO but today, PKR has no choice but to include DAP into their list of the hostile bloc. Even so, DAP is yet to respond to Anwar’s call and failing to do so, their brouhaha was just another show to deceive us.

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