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DAP anti-Islam manner is unable to conceal any longer and in fact, they accentuate their stance notwithstanding it was only an attempt to question Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin’s decision to allow Marang MP Datuk Seri Hadi Awang second tabling of his private motion on the Bill 355 on last Friday.

Having permitted by the Speaker, Kit Siang was the first to protest alleging that the Standing Order is violated. Followed by disruptions from Gobind Singh Deo, Lee Boon Chye, Gooi Hsiao-Leung and N Surendran when all stood up to move the same protest and eventually 30 minutes were wasted.

When all doubts were addressed unambiguously, Kit Siang and all the unsatisfied parties left with no choice but to listen to Hadi Awang’s private motion and the debate was adjourned after the lunch break.

As if Kit Siang and his squad already knew what to expect from MP for Kota Bharu Takiyuddin Hassan’s quip and disclosures in his debate to support the 355 Bill amendments, the anti-Hadi flock deliberately absent from the afternoon session. Even if a few would remain, they were as silent as the grave.

In the debate on the Bill 355 motion, PAS Kota Bharu began with its history where it was first raised by Tun Abdul Rahman bin Yakub from Sarawak and seconded by Haji Abdul Hamid Khan Hossain Ali Khan of Batang Padang, and subsequently debated by six MPs who are all Muslims that it was approved in 1965 without much hesitation and disruption.

Interestingly, during those moments there were members of Parliament such as Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore, Dr Tan Chee Kun Batu MP, Lim Chong Eu MP for Tanjong and Mr CV Devanaya of Bangsar, who did not take part in this debate which clearly demonstrated their respect to the interests of the Muslim community.

Further, the first amendment to Act 355 was made and approved in 1984 and there were Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh and Tan Seng Giaw who did not even object or make any nonsensical moves to block them and what more to participate in the debate.

What YB Takiyuddin is indicating is since the first day it was presented and debated in Parliament, even though there were combinations of Muslims and Non-Muslims lawmakers, but they adopted the respect for Islam and hence commotions of any sort were way beyond reach.

But today, the situation is totally the opposite. Kit Siang who then did not even object or denying them but today, he led the non-Muslims opposition MPs to block the proposed amendments to this Syariah law. Has Kit Siang conveniently forgotten and didn’t he know that he is encouraging others to interfere into the federation religion affairs?

We are quite certain that Kit Siang too have done his homework from previous Parliament Hansard that he knew very well never any non-Muslim MPs ever participated in Islamic affairs debates. He even knew that YB Takiyuddin will include this into his debate as a reminder to others. Hence, the only way to block Hadi Awang to proceed his motion is to disrupt the session and the Speaker’s decision needed to be questioned.

In short, by doing so, aren’t your intentions clear as anti-Islam and anti-Malays too? If you and your cohorts are neither, why are the unnecessary commotions triggered? What if the Speaker fails to answer your claims? Will you not call them foul that eventually, the Bill will be cancelled?

Nevertheless, whatever is hidden in your malice agendas, your anti-Islam manners accentuates and it is truly unacceptable.




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