According to Oxford dictionary, “Demagogue” refers to “a political leader who seeks support by appealing to the desires and prejudices of ordinary people rather than by using rational argument” and make no mistake that DAP breeds and produces bunch of them. Their leaders of such unscrupulous skills in manipulating the medias, will say anything as long as the rakyat is deceived.

Now in their exasperation to see MCA who are increasingly aggressive to condemn and exposed their leaders’ wrongdoings and pieces of lies, for the second attempt, DAP’s usual provocative agent RBA has done it again.After FMT produced an article that MCA purportedly leaving Barisan Nasional, now arbitrarily Hannah Yeoh claimed that MCA Deputy President Datuk Wee Ka Siong has issued a statement to criticise their Selangor Exco’s proposed states guidelines in establishing places of worship for the non-Muslims.

The proposed guidelines were announced by DAP Selangor exco Teng Chang Khim, received fiery criticisms not only from their rivals in MCA and MIC, the public too are angered. However, without any confirmation, Hannah Yeoh has quoted Daily News reports to counter Datuk Wee’s non-existence statements with a clear intention to to defame him and tarnish MCA’s credibility.

It appears that in her official Facebook wall, Hannah Yeoh, who is also the Selangor State Assembly Speaker and DAP assemblyman for Subang Jaya, has initially took this chances to condemn DatukWee. As a true gentleman, Datuk Wee has called her to seek explanation. Such similar incident is unlikely to happen if Hannah Yeoh was the victim of defamation. Expect that the RBA will continue to zoom in on this issue and followed with court summons threats.

Probably realising that Hannah Yeoh may take it lightly, Datuk Wee issued an official statement to clarify Hannah Yeoh’s Facebook posting as such;

I have not issued any official statement on the new guidelines on non-Muslim worship place in Selangor as I had been on working trip overseas.

However, to my surprise, I was informed that YB Hannah Yeoh had condemned me on a non-existent statement purportedly made by me on this issue.

I stress that I have made no such comments to any publication or portal.

I called Hannah Yeoh immediately and she said her statement was made based on an online news article by the Berita Daily news site.

I contacted the editor of Berita Daily and they had admitted that they mistakenly quoted me and had already published a correction.

Hannah Yeoh had also reflected the correction via her Facebook.

It is absolutely deplorable that I had been erroneously made to be seen to make a statement that I did not in the first place.

I hope the other news portal that published the news would make a similar correction and urge all parties to also check their facts and sources before making any false assertions.

We often heard that the devil looks after his own and true enough when even though Hannah did apologise but DAP’s friendly online medias such as FMT and TheMalayMail online still retained the defaming article without any effort to correct them. The oppositions evil ploy is evident.

By just apologising without expressing any regrets over her actions and failing to make it official, Hannah Yeoh is actually insincere towards Datuk Wee but the rakyat is able to judge her true evil character. This the sort of DAP leaders who are fond of manipulating the people especially among the Chinese community by condemning MCA with false reports.

This is just the beginning of RBA’s new strategy to spread false news and incite the people. What Hannah did was not merely an inadvertent error but deliberate and rest assure that this will be DAP RBA new strategy. Establish false news first and if spotted, all they needed to do is reply with a casual apology.

As a result, MCA and BN should be exacerbated at all costs. Imagine if such a strategy imposed by RBA and DAP happens within a day before the polling process, are the people not easily influenced?

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