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If we may ask if there is one country in the world where the minority are permitted to interfere the majority religion affairs except in Malaysia. In fact, only in Malaysia those other religions besides Islam as the religion of the Federation, the minorities are allowed to practice their religion and the multi-festivals are not only celebrated but with jubilation together with others and not limiting them.

It seems that doubting and interfering into Islam affairs has been going on for decades by the Non-Muslim oppositions relentlessly. Whatever their hidden agendas are, PM Najib reaffirms that the Barisan Nasional (BN) government remains committed to supporting Islam in line with Article 3 of the Federal Constitution.

The moderation approach adopted by the BN-government is well received locally and internationally since independence that PM Najib Razak not only has maintained them but he has enhanced the development of Islam. Without a doubt, both Muslims and Non-Muslims are secured and has been living in peace and harmony under BN government.

The majority of this nation are usually the Muslim Malays that over time their faith is tested by certain quarters to doubt BN government’s stance on Islam. As affirmed by PM Najib Razak in his personal blog, he is committed to maintaining the concept of moderation, social justice and equality in all aspects including in political affairs for every citizen that no one is left behind.

In the eyes of the world, under PM Najib Razak’s premiership, the moderation approach is well accepted and had attracted many to recognise Malaysia as a progressive country that not only Saudi Arabia has pledged to be a continous ally in diplomatic bilateral and in trade too. With BN government earnestness and sincerity that Saudi Arabia has increased the haj pilgrim quota for Malaysia to 30,200 people.

BN government’s efforts in spreading the concept of love and simplicity in Islam is not simply just a voice whereby it is also being recognised when Malaysia protested the atrocities against the Rohingyas in Myanmar. For that,  Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi expressed his interest in Malaysia’s de-Radicalization Program.

The world today is beset with the religious propaganda of violence brought on by certain Islamist extreme parties. To curb them, BN government has taken a more holistic approach yet friendly, middling and beneficial not only to Muslims but all.

It is under PM Najib’s administration that the ‘pondok’ Islamic religious schools are given full attention where in Budget 2017, some RM50 million were allocated and for the first time, the government agreed to integrate tahfiz education in the National Tahfiz Education Policy in determining that Tahfiz al-Quran institutions are able to prosper and developed further.

This is the edge when we have a supreme leader such as DS Najib Razak who prefers friendly international relationship between countries including non-Islamic states. Not only Islam is protected but the people too are able to enjoy life peacefully. Therefore, let us Malaysians not living in fright and easily fallen into venomous instigations who have only ill-intentions to divide further among the multiracial and multi-religions.





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