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When a society who claimed that they are IT savvy but at the same instant solely relying on half-baked news reports, then expect baseless perceptions and assumptions to go wild. It will be more shameful when these assumptions come from professionals in their haste to issue opinions who only rely on one source that is the news reports.

In this IT era, the debates in parliament are not only accessible since it is live telecasted but they are also uploaded directly to YouTube or for those who aspire for the importance of authentic information, they could read through parliamentary Hansard that will be published the next day.

Without a thorough background check on YB Tasek Gelugor Datuk Shabudin Yahya as a former Syariah Court judge who is knowledgeable in the Islamic law affairs, particularly those from the anti-BN critics only condemns him as an MP from the ruling party. Thus, the debate contents were taken only the sliver to enliven in hitting out the ruling party and demonising YB Shabudin.

Hence, he was given a rundown as a BN MP that promotes sexual crimes and supports the victims’ underage marriage.

In rejecting DAP MP Kulai Teo Nie Ching motion for a proposed amendment to ban underage marriage below 16 years old, YB Shabudin has begun his argument that marriage and crime are two different issues.

What these medias have missed out are YB Shabudin’s in-depth explanations that based on Islamic Enactments, any girl below 16 years old that are to be married must obtain consent from their trustees (wali) and the court as well. While for guys under age 18 who would like to be married must obtain permission from the court only and it clearly indicates that the underage marriage cannot be done arbitrarily.

It is either that these medias are intentionally twisting or perhaps the best that we can conclude, their journos are lacking in intelligent to absorb certain statements. When YB Shabudin emphasised that there is no such legal provision that prevents marriage between rapist and victim including the under-aged, these half-baked journos gave their news headline that he supports rapist-victim marriage. Can we now see the straightforward twist?

The online media pointed out by YB Shabudin is theStar online which obviously has limited knowledge on the Islamic enactments and failed in the understanding of Malay language. If their journos were to listen to YB Shabudin’s debate contents or read the Hansard and not reporting it blindly, YB is just sharing his experiences as the Syariah Court judge that in many rape cases that are classified as ‘statutory rape’ with consent, those who tried to resolve the issue with the intention to avoid humiliation for both victims and other family members, when some would not lodge police reports but eventually decided to hold matrimony.

For several times YB Shabudin has emphasised that the marriage cannot be done arbitrarily by the family members without Sharia Court approval and hence not to be treated as a ‘back door exit’ to legalise rape crimes. This matrimony should be regarded from a positive perspective for the victim’s future. In Islamic law, sexual offenders are allowed to marry their victims either after or before he underwent any sentence without restrictions.

When theStar online headlines pointed out that as though YB Shabudin agreed to matrimony of a rape victim at underaged, they further contradicted YB Shabudin’s explanation when the Islamic law took into consideration of puberty age or ‘aqil baligh’ and the buck is back again to the family members or ‘wali’. It should be also noted that any sex with underage children, even if it is consensual, it remains as a rape crime.

Those are the basis for his debate in dismissing DAP MP Kulai’s motion when it is contrary to the provisions of Sharia law. Journos and editors of theStar online, please carry your reputable dan honest journo ethics in your reportings and do not level yourself to gibberish standards. If you are quoting someone, quote them in full and do not report to misrepresent them.

If you do not understand …ask, if you are not sure …ask but if you are in the pursuit of your portal ranking … The Star Online has attracted the interest of many to hit on the Syariah Court and Barisan Nasional based on their reporting that are patently wrong.

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