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Now it is thus evident what ever Superman Hew Kuan Yau said during the Sarawak election campaign in May 2016, “Malays to screw the Malays”, is approved by DAP chief Lim Kit Siang when leaving Dr Mahathir and Dr Wan Azizah to lead Pakatan Harapan. Unfortunate for Kit Siang when many have realised and aware of his anti-Malay tactics.

Let us not forget that Kit Siang is the only senior DAP leader who stood up for Hew and considered that there is nothing racist about the statement many are questioning him including his rival party MCA. Kit Siang’s double standard reason is even more severe when he agreed that Hew was referring the Malays as corrupt.

Can we imagine if the same verse comes from any Umno leader even though he was only holding the post at the divisional level, the DAP will not wait even a moment to condemn and further urged the police to arrest them. But when such a racist statement that flew from DAP’s member on their stage, they defended and it is even more disgusting when those who rebutted or questioned them, they will be castigated mercilessly.

Tunku Aziz Tunku Ibrahim is the former deputy chairman of DAP and he is also once a close friend to Kit Siang. Hence, he is the only leader most appropriate to talk about Kit Siang’s politics. Given that he has had one of the highest positions in DAP, it is said that it was all due to Kit Siang’s blessings and recommendation.

As we all know that Tunku Aziz had left DAP when the young Kit Siang and he were at loggerheads with each other. Tunku Aziz could no longer compromise Guan Eng’s arrogance and rude behaviour. Ironically, Kit Siang himself has made his personal move to console Tunku Aziz to return to DAP but failed. That’s
how precious their companionship is.

Even though Kit Siang is apparently not spearheading Pakatan Harapan but it is undeniable that behind the scene, he would tune and determine the coalition’s political strategies whereby most members from PKR, PAN and PPBM are the Malays. The similar has already taken place during the coalition in Pakatan Rakyat where Kit Siang has announced the dissolution of PR and neglecting its Chairman Wan Azizah.

It is not impossible when the same incident could recur in Pakatan Harapan even in the presence of Dr Mahathir. Kit Siang with his dictatorial inclination to manipulate the Malays is instantly sensed by Tunku Aziz. Whatever has happened in Penang should be a clear indication that after successfully gained control of the state, Kit Siang would even surpass his own party’s statute just to cling on to power. By insisting his own son to helm Penang, Kit Siang should not deny nor differ.

Thus, if Kit Siang insists on denying them, Tunku Aziz would wish to take on a debate with him on this particular topic. On behalf of DAP, its members should be encouraging Kit Siang to prove Tunku Aziz’s allegations are wrong and hence establishing that their party truly practices democracy as denoted in ‘Democratic Action Party’. Barring any response, by and on itself, they agreed to Tunku Aziz that DAP is ruled and sustained by a dictatorship since 51 years ago.




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