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If this week Guan Eng still fails to turn up for a discussion with Ministry of Works regarding the delay in the completion of his RM305 million studies on Penang tunnel project or Penang third bridge and submit the requested supporting documents, it is his sixth megaflop. Guan Eng’s excuses to postpone the discussion once again is even more gibberish when it is said that the study is only 87 percent completed.

Worst still when there is no other reason, Guan Eng with his usual antics had to put the blame on previous ruling party Barisan Nasional (BN) that the study is disrupted at 87% when the reclamation master-plan for Butterworth is not completed since 1999.

Perhaps a layman including the Penangites may not understand what was going on but Guan Eng is actually in his increasing raving mode to face Works Minister DS Fadillah’s demands. Guan Eng has signed the tunnel contract in 2013 even before approval and before the reclamation process is complete yet he has spent RM305 millions on feasibility and detailed design studies. After spending those handsome millions, only today that Guan Eng realised that some land parcels are federal-owned.

Guan Eng actually knew they are federal’s land as he has announced to the public in April 2014 that these studies will be fully completed but later changed his statement in August 2016 that it is only 84% completed. Failing to acquire the federal-owned land parcels and the reclamation project at Bagan Ajam in Penang mainland, there is no way that the tunnel project can be completed but expect for a half-stuck tunnel.

Hundreds of millions of money spent, promises made to the rakyat and works has started from the island but the tunnel project is still stuck. This is the very reason why Dato’ Fadillah need to know for its failure. Guan Eng has given numerous excuses and even blamed Works Ministry failing to cooperate but alas, the minister rebutted that Guan Eng never once called for a meeting.

Even so, Guan Eng and his administration line failed to provide even a single paper to the ministry when requested. Those are documents should be evidence and proposals to support their reasons for the disrupted tunnel project but Guan Eng chose to delay and make excuses one after the other. The latest, Guan Eng demanded for another 6 months to complete the land reclamation.

Reclamation works from the island has begun in 2015, RM135 million from the RM305 million feasible studies cost are already paid and some RM2.83 billion worth of state land swapped were pre-sold in a signing ceremony attended by Guan Eng early last year, yet this project is going to be stuck. As long as Guan Eng fails to settle the land reclamation in Bagan Ajam, it seems that not only it shall be our country’s history in the making but the world too for a half-way Penang tunnel project.

Pakatan Harapan should be very proud of this fraudster politician into deceiving the rakyat and their business allies too.




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