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When you ask a stupid question too frequent, not only that you will be replied with stupid answers but eventually you will look stupid for asking them. Similarly, goes to DAP MP Gobind Singh that apparently he has proven to be the only person in Malaysia who is unaware or perhaps hazy that PM Najib Razak is proven not involved or convicted in 1MDB’s mismanagement as made clear by various local and foreign authoritative agencies.

Gobind questions in parliament have every ill-intention to induce Finance Minister 2 Dato Johari into an admission that PM Najib is thus involved and guilty. Referring to an open letter to Tony Pua by DS Johari, Gobind has insisted Dato Johari admit that he has indicated as if he knew details of the investigation against 1MDB but which part of the letter is Gobind referring to?

To answer Gobind’s vacuous question if PM Najib is a suspect in the 1MDB investigation, all Malaysians knew except for Gobind that even his colleague in DAP Dr Tan Seng Giaw who is also the PAC’s Vice-Chairman, he has given a very clear explanation that PM Najib is not accountable to the 1MDB financial mismanagement. In fact, it was reported in all local medias including the opposition-friendly mouthpiece.

1MDB mismanagement has gone through exhaustive investigations by the country’s authoritative agencies and PAC has concluded that the suspects did not involve PM Najib but the organisation’s management and board of directors. Which part that Gobind find it difficult to understand?

Should Gobind’s question on why the investigation process takes too long and what happened to the inquiry? If Gobind is associating his question with the US DOJ investigation, the authorities of Singapore, Switzerland and by other international financial institutions, Datuk Jo answered in his open letter as such;

“Despite all these, we still do not have a “complete picture” of what happened to 1MDB and why, until today, none of these jurisdictions has taken specific charge against 1MDB or its employees on the criminal aspect of the case. Even the actions taken by the Singapore government were only in respect of the non-compliance of their banking laws.

Even the United States’ Department of Justice (DOJ) couldn’t come up with any solid proof to prosecute any individual on criminal charges in relation to 1MDB. What the DOJ did was to freeze assets allegedly belonging to certain individuals connected to 1MDB in the hope that by freezing the assets, the owners will come forward and disclose to the DOJ how the massive assets could be accumulated without going through the US’ stringent protective laws.”

Let us ask Gobind if he needs to repeat the answered questions to parliament? If Gobind insisted that the whole world needed to know, it is his own stupidity that the whole world is witnessing now and the label as a dumb senior lawyer, fits him very well. It is an obvious spiteful intent when Gobind deliberately questioning the same thing where he already knew the answer. Hence, for Datuk Jo to state that Gobind’s questions as ‘bodoh’, it is absolutely correct.

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