Now we no longer need to listen from any party either directly involved or associated with the billion loss of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) in 1990 during the former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir’s  administration. As it involves the public interests, the Cabinet has on February 22, 2017 agreed to establish a Task Force chaired by Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan.

The Special Task Force is assigned to conduct a preliminary investigation related to speculation of foreign currency transactions with three guidelines. Bear in mind that this investigation was earlier requested by Kit Siang and DAP that they even took it to their campaign stages for many decades. In fact, the opposition leaders pledged that it will be a prime target for investigation in Pakatan Rakyat succeeds to take over Putrajaya from the ruling party Barisan Nasional.

Kit Siang’s son Lim Guan Eng who is DAP’s secretary-general has confirmed in his 2013 press conference in Penang that; “The Pakatan government will launch a full-blown investigation to find out where all that money has gone.If he does not explain where the money has gone, people will ask if he is keeping the money. People are bound to ask how the loss happened.”

This is one of many other proofs that DAP desperately demanded an investigation into the disappearance of money BNM in international currency speculations and hopefully, none of the opposition leaders, especially Kit Siang will give excuses to avoid or obstruct in any way.

However, in view of the oppositions’ reverie to run the country is rather slow and likely impossible to be realised, the present government under PM Najib Razak’s leadership has taken a step ahead to initiate the investigation on the case that has long plagued not only for DAP and the oppositions but for all Malaysians who are in need to know the truth.

The Special Task Force comprises of 6 panels from the MACC, the Securities Commission of Malaysia, the Retirement Trust Fund, PEMUDAH and prominent lawyers. Three main aspects that the preliminary investigations will look into; To conduct preliminary investigations related to speculation of foreign currency transactions; To track down to what extent are the actions concealed for the lost information and were there any misleading statements during the parliamentary sittings; and to submit recommendations to the Government including the necessity to pursue the Royal Commission of Inquiry.

To achieve a comprehensive investigation and produce fair results, the Task Force will examine all aspects of this case including the role and function of BNM and/or any other corporate body or individuals in the transactions, including matters relating to the approval and management of this activity.

They will also look into the compliance with laws, regulations and guidelines the role and function of natural BNM foreign currency transactions; and if there were attempts to hide the actual loss by BNM or other individuals involved.

The Task Force has given a period of 3 months to conclude the investigation and welcomes any additional information from the public that they can be emailed to: taskforcefx@treasury.gov.my

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