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There are 2 main reasons why certain quarters from the oppositions led by Kit Siang were determined to block PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang from tabling his private member’s Bill to enhance Shariah sentencing. Evidently, it is all politically prompted.Prior at 12:37 Haji Hadi who is also MP for Marang has successfully tabled his private motion after half an hour of vanity to delay and thus block it by MPs led by DAP. Later, he ran for 22 minutes before the session adjourned for a lunch break.

The 30 minutes commotion was initiated from the opposition bloc which is made up of a noticeable team of anti-Hadi Awang. Among which who stood by Kit Siang were Khalid Samad and Hanipa Maidin, former PAS leaders who lost and rejected by the members during the previous party election. As they depart from the party, a new PAN is born upon the blessing from Kit Siang and subsequently financially funded by DAP.

The question to why PAN Muslim MPs are seen to be deliberately protesting against the proposed amended 355 Bill, along with DAP is now evident. They are given no choice but to adhere to Kit Siang’s wishes.

Secondly, malicious allegations from the oppositions and mainly from Dr Mahathir’s supporters that PAS was again cheated out by UMNO has also been dismissed when evidently Hadi Awang’s private bill was granted to table them in Parliament.

Their rants were based on the recent BN Supreme Council decision by a unanimity decision to allow Hadi Awang to propose the motion and not the government. However, as anticipated, the decision is not a barrier and even so, the motion was adjusted to be the first to discuss on the last day of parliament sitting for this session. Hence, this move by BN has given way to Hadi Awang and the allegations from Dr Mahathir’s supporters crumbled by itself.

Ironically, in this private bill proposal to amend the Syariah Court penalty, the protest was not into the proposed details but the attempt to prevent Hadi Awang from proceeding his motion.

Should the Muslims are not aware, these Pakatan Harapan MPs and in particular from DAP and PKR, they cast more doubts over their commitments to defend Islam. But what is certain is that these MPs would turn into their excuses to decide on PAS political cooperation with PKR that it should be more intense.

As explained by Hadi Awang, his proposal is not to establish a new law but rather seeks to raise Syariah court penalty to its maximum rate from the existing law, and how are these proposed amendments contrary to the Federal Constitution when amendments to this bill will only involve with the existing penalties whereas only Muslims can be convicted in the Syariah Court.

Arguing and rejecting without substantial and reasonable reasons to stop the motion, it is apparent that their ill-intentions are merely on a political vendetta against Hadi Awang, PAS and even UMNO. It is hence a waste of time just to cause the 30 minutes commotions when it is truly unnecessary and ought to be condemned by the rakyat.

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