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The nation has been swamped by heavily fake news spread on social medias and the smartphone applications thus turned to be a serious epidemic. It is as though there are certain quarters intentionally turning the rakyat to blindly believe whatever news they have received without thinking twice that they even avoided sorting the authenticity of the news.

Eventually, these trolls hanker that the rakyat will blame the government and the ruling party Barisan Nasional. That is very clear!These symptoms are very acute, indeed been realised and several approaches and measures have been taken by the government as quickly as possible to respond via official statements or perhaps the government would have to resort to taking legal actions.

Realising that by just attending to the allegations and accusations, the government is still unable to curb the speedy rumours dissemination, hence a portal is established meant to verify these fake news and more importantly to bring people together to combat such unhealthy activities.

Hence, the government has recently launched the “” initiated by Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). Not only that we can verify news we have received, public is also encouraged to report dubious messages that are written in social medias, blogs, websites or SMS.

To these trolls, if you are tracked down and arrested, if found guilty you will be fined up to RM50,000 or face a maximum jail term of one year or both for violating Section 233 of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission Act 1998.

The rakyat is also not only advised to be vigilant into trusting any news that is not verified but in keeping with the “” theme, “Not Sure, Don’t Share” bears the main message that even those who spread fake messages among peers or members in a particular group, they are answerable to the authority as the “” should be utilised as a platform to seek correct information and explanations.

With the existence of “” portal, this probably would devastate the saboteurs’ hoaxes. Many often using social medias seek to mislead readers and amplify their effect. They deliberately publish hoaxes, propaganda and disinformation purporting to be real news. No doubt there are also undertaken by opposition politicians to promote incitements and deceiving the rakyat with their propagandas.

A notable example of which was spread by the oppositions was the 2013 Lahad Datu standoff that they deliberately denied and accused it as a farce from UMNO. It is not only politically ill-intended but resulted in being a threat to our national security.

When the country had to face its trying times with MH370 tragedy, the opposition has been trying to incite the people of China to loathe the government that is capable of triggering foreign diplomatic tensions.

The oppositions have also spread propaganda that the country is moving towards a failed state by intimidating EPF contributors and Tabung Haji depositors that their monies are at severe risks that resulted some would withdraw when eventually they missed their chances to enjoy the institutions’ annual bonuses and dividends. Hence this can be regarded as economy sabotages.

During the last GE13, the oppositions have also spread the news that PM Najib has exported 40,000 Bangladeshis as phantom voters with photoshopped demographics to rose discontent among political parties supporters. As such when the results are concluded, the oppositions washed their hands and accepted their victory in Penang and Selangor. This is a clear malice to disrupt a democratic polling process.

Enough is enough. The rakyat no longer needs these lies and propagandas that are indeed suffocating. Therefore, be diligent to visit “” and
remember to … “Not Sure, Don’t Share”.





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