The oppositions and in particular Tony Pua and Dr Mahathir are as silent as the grave when the Office of the Attorney-General (OAG) in Switzerland confirmed that in the USD4 billion probe linked to 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), Prime Minister Najib Razak is not a suspect. It was also made clear by Swiss OAG spokesman Andre Marty that our PM Najib is and was never any of the accused public officials.With such clarification from Swiss OAG, is this not in tandem with Dr Tan Seng Giaw’s who is PAC vice-chairman and DAP’s Kepong MP when the committee concluded that PM Najib that Najib was not directly involved in 1MDB’s management decisions and therefore, there is no reason to accuse him and hold him accountable for the scandals surrounding 1MDB.But who are those who were supposed to be held directly responsible?

PAC too concluded that 1MDB’s day-to-day was run by the management and its business transactions were decided by their board members. They too agreed that PM Najib is the Chairman of Advisory Board who has no direct involvement. Thus, PAC suggested that the chief executive officer Datuk Shahrol Azral Ibrahim Halmi should be held responsible and ought to be further investigated.

Unlike Dr Tan’s party colleague Tony Pua, who desperately tried to link PM Najib into the mismanagement decisions. Although he was one of 13 members of the PAC committee, it is hence proven his outright disrespect to the majority decisions in PAC but fixed on to put his ill political motives above anything.

Not only among the opposition supporters knew but all Malaysians from all walks understood well of Tony Pua’s eagerness to be the hero in 1MDB issue but when Dr Tan has destroyed all his dreams to denounce wild allegations against PM Najib, Dr Tan was taken to their public’s appraisal and regarded that he was entangled into UMNO’s trap.

Who actually prefer playing politics and not determined to seek the truth if not Tony Pua and the oppositions?

After OAG Swiss removed the fact that PM Najib is not the person accused in their criminal proceedings, the next hero who only based on what he considered as ‘story’ and ‘hearsays’ from foreign medias, none other than Dr Mahathir who has been touring the country to call PM Najib as ‘pencuri’ and ‘penyangak’, do not dishearten ourselves to expect that he shall retract them.

The famous saying that only a thief thinks everyone steals, ring any bells?

Nowadays even though it was an issue for that particular century, as long as there are living witnesses and pieces of evidence, the issue ought to be reopened and investigated. The same should apply to Dr Mahathir’s 22 years of wrongdoings and malpractices just to proof to the rakyat who is the real and biggest ‘pencuri’ and ‘penyangak’ of the nation.

It is just a matter of time for Tony Pua to eat his own words. First PAC and now Swiss OAG have confirmed that Tony Pua is outright wrong on his wild and ill-intention allegations. Lest us forget that Tony never once denied for aiding and abetting with Rewcastle-Brown in Justo’s stolen data sales to media tycoon Datuk Tong Kooi Ong, the Edge Media Group owner.

We can witness how jumpy Tony Pua could be when his name was mentioned in the stolen documents trade but he has conveniently confused the opposition supporters when it was Justo who included him in his lengthy written confession to the Thailand’s authority. We also witnessed his cowardice respond when Arul Kanda accepted his challenge in a public debate.

Tony Pua and Dr Mahathir’s mere ill-intentions are to implicate PM Najib at all costs but with the latest confirmation from Swiss OAG, it seems that what they used to hurl accusations as the beginning of PM Najib’s darkest nightmare has now turned to theirs. They have every reason to fear when more and more worms are creeping from the can.

Be very mindful that these worms are not delusional and in fact, they are real and very despicable that for generations, they shall remain the nation’s biggest rogue.

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