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Should Malaysians insist Kit Siang to come clean for any wrongdoings, hence it is not appropriate since he had never held any positions in the government or corporations except that he has been sitting on the opposition quarters since DAP’s birth. But if we are to urge Kit Siang to be honest to his 95% Chinese supporters and 5% from other races on his previous demands and allegations on all of Dr Mahathir’s wrongdoings, then the demand is perfectly requested.Three decades is not a short timeframe and if we have assets in Kuala Lumpur, the current market value may increase hundreds of times and it is likely that we are now a millionaire. Should we have a child who was born 30 years ago, probably that this child is now Kit Siang and his DAP’s staunch follower who is eager to oust UMNO as often brainwashed that Dr Mahathir is a tyranny and a corrupt dictator.

Rallying their slogan for ‘UBAH’ or change during their electoral campaigns in GE12 and GE13, apparently not only that DAP has made obvious changes but too often that they are fickle in their principles too.

To recall what Kit Siang has claimed in his blog early this year that – “… I would have spoken or written some 10 million words in my political life for the past 51 years”, financial scandals such as BMF, Forex Trade, Maminco, Perwaja, Bakun Damp, Proton, MAS and all that happened during Dr Mahathir’s premiership, Kit Siang should be the best person to be given the nation’s honour to refresh us and once again repeat all his demands.

All Malaysians from all levels even from the infants until to those in the grave, undoubtedly knew that Kit Siang is and was deeply concerned about the country’s financial governance that every little bit will not be missed to be dug and heralded in his speeches, in the parliament debates and in his writings too. Thank Dr Mahathir too who introduced the internet that all of them are well archived and easily reached for our references.

To Kit Siang as early as the 80’s, Dr Mahathir and his friends had been greedily devouring and dissipating the nation’s wealth that one scandal after the other, without despair and hence tirelessly demanded an open inquiry to take what he considered them as the culprits to be trialled and punished.

Needed to be reminded once again, the recent CIA’s declassified documents on Malaysia’s first major financial of BMF scandal amounted to billions of ringgit lost was in 1983, and with the recent The latest disclosure by the former deputy governor Datuk Murad Khalid, not only Malaysians are shocked but at the same time they are also eagerly looking forward to Kit Siang’s statements.

The Bank Negara 1993 USD10 billion forex losses, if it was to equate the amount at today’s value is about 93 billion and to Kit Siang, within the span of 2 years, the loss was eight times larger than what had happened to BMF financial scandal. That was said in his ceramah back in 1994 at CRC Hall, Seremban. That was not enough for Kit Siang to resume his insistence that DAP called for a Royal Commission of Inquiry to conduct full investigations and if the government led by the then Dr Mahathir failed to act, Kit Siang did not hesitate to accuse the loss of this billion of ringgit shall be swept under the carpet.

Kit Siang’s deep passion and determination for the rakyat to know the 1993 BNM Forex losses continues until a year before the 13th general election. In his blog he intentionally wrote the title, “Forex losses alone US$ 5.5bil: No wonder Dr M ‘hyperactive’ with fear he’ll be exposed!” and the friendly opposition website Tindak Malaysia extended with the title “Finance: Bank Negara Forex Loss – Mahathir has to answer, Lim Kit Siang”.

A forum in Penang hosted by the oppositions has invited former Bank Negara Deputy Governor Dr Rosli Yaakop as one of the main panels to exclusively exposed Dr Mahathir and his friends’ involvement in the BNM Forex scandal. Kit Siang took the initiative to report it in his blog on every word that came from Dr Rosli.

The most interesting part is when Rosli named four persons responsible and named it as the “forex scandal elite club masters”. They are former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamed, ex-finance minister Daim Zainuddin, ex-Bank Negara Governor, the late Jaffar Hussein and former Minister in Prime Minister’s Department in charge of Economic Planning Unit Government Nor Mohamed Yakcop.

But those were the days when Kit Siang was challenged by Dr Mahathir. As they are no more the archenemy and are now courting each other, we wonder if Kit Siang not only will stick to his claims but above all, will he still own his self-esteem and courage to repeat and continuously bark on Dr Mahathir’s cases.

For Malaysians, if there is any among hyperactive senior politicians who should be talking and elaborating in depth on the BNM Forex losses, there shall be no one suitable other than Lim Kit Siang that should be given the honour to take the lead.

– PRU14.tv



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