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No one in their right mind should feel glad and satisfied when a police report was lodged against you but unlike Puan Noraihan, when her in-law the former top gun in our anti-graft agency Datuk Bahri Mohd Zin who eventually lodged a police report in Kota Baru against her, she was grateful. Why would she react in such a way that it is as though a blessing for her?Should anyone missed on this issue where Puan Noraihan is Datuk Bahri’s second wife brother’s widow has alleged that during his office in MACC, he has abused his power as the number one in the Special Operation division to investigate and seized her personal and business belongings and documents too.

Noraihan had recently in her press statement questioned the appropriateness of MACC and in particular, the Special Operation Division to intervene in her family’s affairs when this division was set up, it is meant to investigate high profile cases. Her doubts were left unanswered since she twice lodged a police report, first in February 2016 at Kota Bharu Police station and the subsequent was on March 2016 in Putrajaya.

The need to lodge these two reports in two separate police stations are due to when the rush by MACC took place in her home in Kota Bharu and the Putrajaya report had to be lodged since it was instructed and attended by officers from MACC Putrajaya hence all the documents are in Putrajaya office good hands.

In any of our authorities procedures to launch their investigations, they will only act on a report lodged by someone and in Puan Noraihan’s case, she came to know that the report to MACC was done by Datuk Bahri’s wife who is also her late husband’s sister who has interests in the business and wealth worth about 100 million. Bahri’s wife had in fact claimed that Puan Noraihan had falsified signatures in her late husband’s will.

Is this not a civil case and shouldn’t Bahri’s wife forward them to a civil suit or seek justice through the Syariah law since both of them are Muslims? Well, for a very simple reason, her husband was one of the top guns in MACC and in particular the number one boss in the Special Operation division. Perhaps, both civil or Syariah court may take too long to even conclude the case and therefore jeopardise Puan Noraihan’s business, the need to act quickly is crucial.

Even so, Bahri’s second wife had quietly filed to the court to deny Puan Noraihan’s right on the wealth but she had hastily withdrew the summon as Puan Norihan had instructed her lawyer to dismiss the lawsuit. But why the haste to withdraw? Does Bahri’s wife has no confident at all that she is making the right move or perhaps she duly knew that it will now work to her benefits?

It seems that Bahri’s second wife left us with too many intriguing questions but above all, to get her husband’s department in MACC to be involved in her personal dispute with her sister-in-law over the family’s wealth has left to no choice but to create a bigger question hence a dissatisfaction in the public eyes when Bahri had obviously abused his power.

Puan Noraihan has her point when she questioned MACC and the Special Operation division involvement to level her family’s affair as a high profile case. Further, she even wondered why Bahri’s did not pursue the case straight to either the civil court or through the Syariah law?

Bahri’s recent police report has given an opportunity for the authority to investigate further and while Puan Noraihan is patiently waiting for the investigation to conclude, she seems very glad. As for Bahri, it seems he has trapped himself into his own doings.

By just denying in his police report, has Bahri been sleeping on his job when it was obvious that his department was clearly involved during the seizure in Kota Bharu. The public too wondered the sudden silent and tight lips over this case as though he has something to hide too.

– PRU14.tv



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