Having uncovered how the Penang government under DAP’s Lim Guan Eng managed the state’s finances, it is thus very alarming and appalling. Despite proven his voracious land sales to foreigners and in particular the Singaporeans, Guan Eng has been denying repeatedly and ceaselessly attempting to deceive Penangites.

All that we can say is not only that the Penangites are fooled by him but you are doomed too, people! For the sake of the Penangites, a list of land deals that went viral in the social media not only deem to surface Guan Eng’s theatrical conduct but above all is to awaken them that soon they are losing the state’s assets as well as their sovereignty.

It all began as early as 2010 with the 1.1 acres of Taman Manggis allocated for a low cost flat and everyone knew it was sold to Guan Eng’s wife best friend Miss Phang and her company KLIDC to build a commercial hospital instead. Next is the Bayan Mutiara land in 2011 to Ivory Properties and later in 2013, 110 acres were sold to Consortium Zenith BUCG for Penang Tunnel project plus another 40 acres of PE Land.

What is more shocking to note that after DAP once again managed to keep Penang for the second term in GE13, the land sales gathered pace in 2014 and mostly are in Batu Kawan with a total of about 900 over acres were sold and including the 6.67 acres Bayan Lepas land to Singapore Temasek.

Subsequent year in 2015 witnessed a more aggressive land dealings for Singapore and larger portion of about 4,000 acres land reclamation that Guan Eng’s government will be borrowing billions from the bank. The latest is that Guan Eng is selling PDC’s 49 percent shares in Tropical Island Resort Sdn Bhd.

The summary is as follows;

2010 – 1.1 acres Taman Manggis PPR land to KLIDC – RM11.5 million.
2011 – 102 acres Bayan Mutiara land to Ivory Properties – RM1.07 billion
2013 – 110 acres Gurney Drive Land to Consortium Zenith BUCG for Penang Tunnel project
2013 – 40 acres Batu Kawan land sale to PE Land
2014 – 245 acres Batu Kawan land to Aspen Vision (49% owned by Ivory Properties)
2014 – 30 acres Batu Kawan land to Paramount Group
2014 – 470 acres Batu Kawan land to Eco World
2014 – 49% of 198 acres Batu Kawan and 6.67 acres Bayan Lepas land to Singapore Temasek
2015 – 20 acres in Batu Kawan for RM30 million to Singapore’s Jabil group
2015 – 4,000 acres land reclamation to Gamuda (60%) and local partners (40%) off the Permatang Damar Laut – estimated RM27 billion.
2015 – 6.6 acres land for Juru Workers complex to Singapore’s Centurion Group
2016 – Sale of 49 percent shares in Tropical Island Resort Sdn Bhd (TIRSB) by PDC to Ideal Property Development Sdn Bhd (Ideal).

As Gerakan has revealed that Penang has sold 33% of all state-owned land and only left with 8% by the end of 2013 as compared to 12% when BN is still the government in 2008. With the current pace by end of GE14, perhaps Penang will have zero state-owned lands.

In fact in Auditor General’s report stated clearly that Guan Eng’s administration revenue is mostly from land sales that were supposed to be significantly higher at RM1.22 billion but was declared to be state’s surplus for RM574 million only. The question here is where have the differences gone to? Were there any sort of account manipulations when Gerakan too encountered certain trust accounts were closed?

Penang has been suffering from a recurrent deficit since 2008 until now when their revenue plunged terribly that gradually turned the state’s economy and financial to depreciate. Therefore all that they could depend to sustain their lavish operations expenditures are solely on state-owned land sales and manipulations in their accounts.

To prove that Guan Eng’s administration has failed to balance up in their revenue, Gerakan has disclosed that they are suffering from its GDP as the fourth lowest among other states in Malaysia since 2008 until 2015.

Guan Eng’s claimed that his leadership has managed to reduce state debts up to 95 percent due to his CAT (Competency, Accountability and Transparent) policy but it was just another of hocus-pocus when Gerakan confirmed and was never rebutted that the Federal Government has taken over the state debt amounted to RM655 million with an agreement for the annual payment of RM14.56 million for 45 years. Later it is converted to leasing and Penang has promised the federal government for land and water assets.

Your hocus-pocus is now over, Guan Eng! After all your dirty tactics to continue to rely on false propaganda to describe something that is not right to confuse the people of Penang, unfortunately, they are now stripped and widespread. If everything is not true, Guan Eng should use his favourite tactics to sue them immediately.

Stop avoiding from rebutting their accusations or in simple words you are actually summoning them to be correct all along.


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