No wonder Raja Petra mocked Kit Siang with the ‘lancau’ call when obviously his politics are full of red herrings yet often portray himself to be a self-righteous person who is victimised by his detractors. The word ‘lancau’ is well-known among the Chinese and even Malaysians when insulting someone for an extreme anger over a sanctimonious hypocrite.

Tunku Aziz’s (TA) accusations against Kit Siang that he had a secret deal with Dr Mahathir to pick Mukhriz as Pakatan Harapan’s Prime Minister and he himself as the deputy, truly terrifies Kit Siang as it has been blown and widespread. Not only is this secret deal disclosed but TA has also challenged Kit Siang to make a statutory declaration if it is slanderous and false.

TA disclosed the secret pact in a press conference and attended by medias including the online news portals that those who were present did their usual reportings and published in their respective papers and mediums. In his response to the exposed secret deal and the challenged to the accusations, Kit Siang has taken a cowardice move to threaten to sue them.

Yet Kit Siang is selective in his legal action on pro-government media only, NST and Utusan Malaysia. Why only these two when even Yahoo News carried the Kit Siang and Dr Mahathir secret agreement. Too bad for Kit Siang when it has already gone international.

Kit Siang’s threat on NST and Utusan is not the only issue that we should focus on but the most intriguing matter here is that Kit Siang is such a manipulator even among his allies and in particular to Wan Azizah and Muhyiddin. At one’s wit end, Kit Siang purportedly named Wan Azizah as the interim PM for PH candidacy amidst the fuss among PH leaders to name someone to replace Anwar Ibrahim.

Later after Dr Mahathir’s presence as the honourable guest in DAP’s recent national convention upon Kit Siang’s invitation that has created speculations and unease even among the party leaders and members, now that the question mark is already an open secret. It seems that both Kit Siang and Dr Mahathir have a lot to explain to the people surrounding them especially Dr Wan Azizah and Muhyiddin. The question here is, will they buy their explanations?

Even if both of them were to deny on their mothers’ graves, everyone should be very cautious when either Kit Siang or Mukhriz are reluctant to come up with the statutory declaration. Cunningly, Kit Siang with his threat to sue NST and Utusan for reporting Tunku Aziz’s words and Mukhriz demanded proof but both are diverting from the actual issue and are avoiding Tunku’s challenge. Do they have anything to hide? Obviously!

Since Kit Siang has nothing to say against Tunku’s allegations except the legal threat for NST and Utusan, he owes to Anwar and Wan Azizah a convincing explanation plus to the PH’s Chinese voters too on why the special treatment for Dr Mahathir and not Wan Azizah.

Not only that Wan Azizah was sidelined but with the secret deal, Dr Mahathir has toyed Muhyiddin, the PPBM’s President. As it has been obvious when in PPBM existed 2 teams from pro-President and pro-Chairman who are jostling for positions in the party. Perhaps Dr Mahathir is not too pleased with Muhyiddin’s ability to convince PAS and the loose electoral agreement with PH. As it is, Muhyiddin has not been convincing enough to lead PPBM added with his lines of problematic people.

DAP too is not fond of Muhyiddin but is welcomed by Wan Azizah and her men. But to allow these two lame ducks to lead PH in the future is definitely a no-no and everything have to change when Anwar’s political fate shall remain behind bars for the next 8 years or so.

It takes two to tango and in this case, not only Kit Siang deserved to be given the award ‘lancau’ from Raja Petra and Dr Mahathir needed to be included too. If the opposition supporters and sympathisers thirst for political change in the country, this is the best time, to begin with at their end. This is the most suitable moment to stop hence end ‘the old men’ politics that are manoeuvring in Pakatan Harapan.

As long as the oppositions allow the two ‘lancau’ angels to dictate them, Pakatan Harapan will forever remain chaotic and our political opposition leaders are never constructive but equivalent to the 3rd world politicians with an eternal cronyism and nepotism – the family business as usual.


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