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It seems that there is someone who is overly affected by the new MACC Chief Commissioner Datuk Dzulkifli Ahmad’s statements in his interview with Utusan Malaysia that was exclusively published on the first day of 2017.

On the third day of the new year, a pro-opposition news portal FMT first published a report a shocking news on the vexed Bahri Mohamad Zain, Director of MACC’s Special Operations Division (SOD), that he eventually tendered his resignation due to his disappointment in the Attorney General’s decision to avoid the SRC International case.Later on the same day, FMT wrote another article on Bahri but with a rather conflicting content to the first reporting, questioning if Bahri’s resignation has anything to do with Dr Mahathir’s and his children’s disclosed multi-billion wealth? The reporting even doubted Bahri’s actual intention to resign who took about a year to tender after the SRC investigation.

With all the heat surrounding Bahri’s resignation within a few hours, on the same day MACC produced their official statement and clarified that Bahri had applied for an early retirement since SIX MONTHS AGO and not an immediate resignation that he has completed his service on 30the December 2016. MACC officials too have cited that Bahri has denied all of FMT’s reporting to link him to SRC International reason.

For someone who is following Bahri’s drama this time, what can we conclude with all these confusions going on in just one day? Who should be trusted or is there something going on exactly? Is it a coincidence too to his new boss Dato Dzulkifli’s appointment and now with his New Year hard facts?

Bahri was earlier proven to be not practically clean from any wrongdoing while in his office as the MACC top gun. His involvement with the opposition leaders and in particular the anti-Najib Razak’s team is arguably somewhat suspicious when he gained all the support to go against his detention by the police on the leaked charge sheet by the then Attorney General, Ghani Patail.

Subsequently, his second wife shared the SRC International investigations led by Bahri on her social media that questioned his integrity as a top gun civil servant in MACC. However, a more shocking revelation popped out when a police report was lodged from a lady against Bahri who accused him of abusing his power as MACC’s Director of SOD to search and seize his late brother in-law’s business and property. The police report can be obtained … HERE.

Let us all be reminded by what the new MACC Chief has cited in his New Year statement;

Since I assumed the position of chief commissioner, I warned all civil servants involved in any corruption and abuse of power to surrender immediately or wait for decisive action from the MACC. A series of operations launched since August 2016 prove the seriousness of the MACC in combating and fighting corruption among civil servants.

Can we put all the dots together now?

With the recent arrest on the recent KKLW KSU (Secretary General) and the previous arrest of the top guns in Sabah Water department director and its deputy, these are just the beginning of Bahri’s new boss seriousness and firm stance to combat corruption. Therefore, tell us if Bahri is not disturbed by all of the above actions? Why shouldn’t him when these biggest hauls should be done by Bahri during his office but it did not happen.

By now, Bahri should pay more attention to the police reports rather than playing the devil who quotes scriptures for his own purpose.




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