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Welcome to 2017 and certainly, Barisan Nasional continues to be the ruling party while DS Najib Razak remains as our Prime Minister. Undoubtedly, among the members of the opposition pact Pakatan Harapan (PH), they are still in disarray and this is how PH has ended their 2016 that their topsy-turvy shall drag into the new year with a more and conflicting stance among their leaders.In the opposition’s trance to emulate Barisan Nasional’s unity among its party components, it seems that it shall be far from nearing reality instead doom is awaiting in the years ahead. There shall be no true sense of agreement for unity among Pakatan Harapan allies including their electoral partner PPBM as it will just be for a moment and will stay and packed neatly in the electoral agreement signed.

Just a few days after their electoral agreement was inked, Dr Mahathir and Dr Wan Azizah have accentuated to the public that they are disputing each other over the BR1M policy. Dr Mahathir called it as a form of corruption and illegal but Dr Wan Azizah opposes to his idea and insisted it to be the right of the citizens to receive government’s financial aid.

No matter whatever reasons are in their arguments, it clearly shows that between Dr Mahathir and Wan Azizah, they still are incapable of agreeing with each other and their personal vendetta is still apparent. Be very certain that this is just their beginning. Meanwhile, Azmin who is in PKR and should be supportive of his own party President’s viewpoints but has chosen to agree with others is telling the rakyat that Azmin shall never stand idly with the President’s men disagreeing to his appointment as the Selangor Menteri Besar.

First and foremost, Azmin is in need to defend his Menter Besar position not only from Barisan Nasional but from the internal detractors and in particular the President’s men. Azmin knew DAP is never fond of his crafty politics but has always been in tandem with Wan Azizah that he has no choice but to team up with both Dr Mahathir and Muhyiddin.

Rafizi’s exposures against Azmin’s administration of corruption practices for money and women has certainly given a very negative image and added with Azmin’s failure to handle Selangor water crisis. Selangor has also stated the highest recipients for BR1M among other states which clearly proven that Azmin’s leadership has failed to uplift his rakyat’s living standards while the state remains the richest in Malaysia.

When everybody is too occupied safeguarding their positions, that is the very reason whenever rakyat’s crisis pops up, these head of states from the opposition states in Penang and Selangor will choose their easy way out to blame the federal ruling party Barisan Nasional rather than resolve and alleviate the suffering of their people.

DAP has their own sets of internal problems. With Guan Eng who refused to relinquish his party and Chief Minister position as his corruption charges will be tried in court soon, Malaysians witness more and more members have left the party to make their criticism vocal against his leadership. Guan Eng’s leadership in Penang and even in his party are no stranger to corruption and abuse of power practices.

His infighting with the Chinese medias who used to be supportive of Guan Eng’s leadership in Penang, today they are at war of words publicly. Not to mention the brawl for disputing his development policies with local NGOs and activists, Guan Eng even took on individuals who are critical of him to act as a big bully.

To make things even worse, Kit Siang has seated Mahathir at the top most VIP seat and discarded Wan Azizah as Pakatan Harapan’s Chief in their recent national convention. This is a clear endorsement from Kit Siang that Dr Mahathir’s choice shall be PH’s Prime Minister and Anwar Ibrahim or even Wan Azizah is not even useful anymore to him in particular.

Dr Mahathir’s PH Prime Minister choice may not be either Mukhriz or Muhyiddin or even Azmin but this two old man has even a bigger hidden agenda to ensure their sins are taken care by their proteges. That makes other than them, to be the best choice as PH Prime Minister.

The newcomer PPBM and PAN are treated by their elder brothers DAP and PKR nothing less than just the band of beggars for winnable seats to face BN in the coming general election. To avoid from 3 corner contest is almost impossible when PAS is still stubborn to work with DAP and PAN but not PKR or PPBM. For PAS agreeing to work with PKR, this means that Wan Azizah should be avoided and they appreciate Muhyiddin more than Dr Mahathir.

This is another round of mess created by the oppositions including PPBM who is now facing infighting among their pro-temp leaders. The recent sexting fuss of their woman chief after Muhyiddin’s affair with someone’s wife is exposed, PPBM has been featuring us with tussle rumours even at their grassroots level.

With all the infighting due to distrust, backstabbing and even jealousy within and among the opposition leaders, can we imagine when these topsy-turvy opposition pacts take over Putrajaya? Not only that their relationships are fragile but eventually the new Pakatan Harapan will soon face the same fate as dissolved Pakatan Rakyat.




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