When there are disapprovals among the opposition parties, particularly the Non-Muslims on Islam issues, ultimately there are two things that surfaces at the end of their arguments. First, Malaysia as an Islamic State and second is about the Malays. When PAS president Hadi Awang eventually tabled a proposed amendments to increase the Islamic court’s punishments in the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965, better known as RUU 355, it is then politicised severely by non-Muslim lawmakers that not only it was exaggerated but taken out of context from the actual issues.

Since it is a private bill from a PAS President who is DAP’s number one enemy of the season, all of their allies either liberal Muslim movements or both Muslims and Non-Muslim lawmakers must be in tandem with their malice intentions, the RUU 355 must be attributed to hudud law in which was the main reason why Pakatan Rakyat was dissolved.

Even DAP’s ally in Pakatan Harapan, the heavily funded party PAN which are splinters from PAS, who should be an alternative political party to Islamic based struggle, their leaders too made their stance to oppose Hadi Awang’s RUU 355 amendments proposal not because it is not comprehensive but the need to undermine PAS President is paramount.

On last Thursday which is on the last day of 2016 parliamentary meeting, Hadi Awang has tabled his private member’s bill to enhance the Islamic penal code punishments from its ceiling to 30 years’ prison, RM100,000 fine and 100 lashes of the cane. It will then be debated in Parliament in March next year and meant for all lawmakers from both sides to understand thoroughly the draft.

Strangely enough even before the proposed RUU355 draft amendment was tabled, there are confusions among public that was initiated by the opposition leaders who have concluded that it is still having a lot of hudud elements. MPs from PAN such as Mujahid Yusof Rawa and Khalid Samad took even an odd stance to push for immediate debates whereas it was made clear that the ample months granted are intended to give MPs time to study. Why?

Were they afraid that when the Non-Muslims understood the amendment well thus eventually failed all their wild accusations, they certainly look like another moron who has no other excuse to oppose the motion but only left with ill-intentions towards PAS?

A more moronic excuse to oppose the bill is when the Non-Muslim opposition leaders would reiterate their resistance on the nation’s status as an Islamic country. On one end they claimed to respect the federal constitution but when Islam is concerned, they would oppose and resist.

Not only Hadi made it clear that the proposed enhanced Islamic penal code is specifically imposed on Muslims, even so from the ruling party, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Zahid Hamid has also affirmed that the punishments are only meant for the Muslim offenses. Why are there hassles from the Non-Muslims MPs then?

There is a significant difference between archenemy and traditional rival in politics when DAP could hardly grasp it. PAS and UMNO are said to be establishing a rising pact soon after Datuk Zahid took the initiative to brief MPs from Sabah and Sarawak. Such accusation appears before DAP and their well-funded party, PAN.

DAP’s anxiety are easily anticipated when all of DAP’s blue-eyed boys from PAN are PAS defeated leaders. It seems that DAP will be too potent to distant at anything that may be of interest to their party political agenda even when culture and religion are concerned. Should PAS and UMNO are in tandem on religion issues, they have masse members who are Muslims and Islam that they should not be set at odds over political agenda.

The Sarawak States election plus the recent twin by-elections in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar have proven that PAS remained UMNO/BN political rival. It is just that DAP and Mahathir are overly angered with PAS who is capable to ruin their straight fight strategy with BN for the coming general election. In fact, PAS once made it crystal clear that they abstained from any collaboration with DAP and PAN, and now with Dr Mahathir.

It is therefore that DAP and PAN or perhaps Mahathir’s new party, opposing Hadi Awang’s RUU 355 amended bill, left with no other reason but to go against PAS and Hadi Awang himself. Their political agenda overrides the interests of the understanding and acceptance of Malaysians of all races. This is the very reason why majority Malaysians still regarded DAP as a chauvinistic party and it seems it shall remain forever.

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