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Many may not aware that the influence of a political party is not necessarily perceived from only a dominated race in its membership but more dependent on their leadership stand to determine the direction of their party. Today we are witnessing how the DAP leadership are in accordance with Malay leaders mastering them openly. Where is the veracity of this claim?

DAP leaders boasted that they have dominated 95% of the Chinese votes for the past two recent general elections. No doubt about it, but that has not been their ultimate objective unless Putrajaya is theirs and the need to champion the attempt. But DAP has one gruesome hurdle that their 95% chinese support belongs to the minority. Therefore, their next step is to enrol as many Malay members as possible but retain the decision makers to the chinese.

We have seen some influential figures among the Malays such as Datuk Arif Sabri, Aziz Bari and A Samad Said as their members but regretfully they aretreated only as the barking dogs and the howling wolves. Nothing more and nothing less. However, DAP is still crippled if they are too dependent on these howling wolves that now they are in need of someone superior and extremely influential among Malay leaders after Nik Aziz and Anwar Ibrahim.

In desperation and tough state, some DAP leaders championed by Kit Siang have agreed to give their support in the ‘Save Malaysia’ campaign led by Dr Mahathir. On the surface, DAP seems comfortable when placed in the front row with Dr Mahathir and Muhyiddin. Kit Siang while exhibiting with a big smile
has extended a hand shake while nodding to his political archenemies as if nothing had happened in the past four decades between them hence it is telling
us that it was never serious and just a game of war of words.

Please keep in mind that Dr Mahathir is being he himself when he will never tolerate anything less than the numero uno. Being too impatient to have a more prominent Malay leader, Kit Siang seems more than willing to be led by the nose by Dr Mahathir. Perhaps the DAP supporters should be mindful of Dr Mahathir’s sincerity to set aside their past heated contentions when this former UMNO President was never heard to apologise publicly and yet Kit Siang allowing himself to be his lackey.

After the ‘Save Malaysia’ campaign which is only able to hold a few series of talks that ended up with lack of response and as well as the turned-down by the Malay Rulers on the People’s Declaration, Kit Siang continues to flatter Dr Mahathir. Now, DAP is instructed to appreciate the well known anti-chinese Muhyiddin who is famous for his ‘Malay first, Malaysian later’ and I am ‘totok’ UMNO slogan.

‘Totok’ is a Javanese word when translated it means ‘die-hard’ while UMNO is a political party of the Malays and Bumiputras. Even though those slogans were said when he was still an Umno leader, but those slogans were once a nightmare and ridiculed by DAP. Whenever Muhyiddin made a statement, he is certainly leading them to anti-Chinese viewpoints.

DAP is dreaming of conquering Johor that they are delighted to declare the former Umno deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin as the Johor warlord to run for them. Muhyiddin is supposedly capable of attracting the Malay voters through the palace that Johor is already theirs. As such, not Anthony Loke is convinced but Kit Siang too is thrilled.

Muhyiddin’s sudden friendliness and all the praises from DAP seems matched the rumours above. Indirectly Muhyiddin had gained control the minds of
DAP leaders to give way to one of their seats in Johor as what was given to Datuk Arif Sabri in Raub, Pahang in the last election. Even with their previous strategy to place Malay candidates, DAP is still not able to capture Putrajaya except they are just adding to the opposition seats, therefore what will be their logical reasoning to give way to Muhyiddin contesting with a different symbol?

With Johor political reality today, can Muhyiddin be able to remain as a warlord to Johor as indicated previously by Anthony Loke or is he on the verge of isolation even from his own stronghold constituency? Muhyiddin’s failure to persuade UMNO party members to exit en masse in his home ground lead to rumours that he might be defeated in the upcoming general election should he chooses Pagoh again.

The grievous fact for DAP to absorb since the formation of the party, even when they collude to combine with other opposition parties, they have been forever in the opposition seat that they could only function to condemn over every good effort from the government.

Despite promises of power-sharing by Muhyiddin, everyone knew that they are meaningless especially when it comes from someone desperate. If the duos are very capable of betraying their own people, how much can you rely on them and how true are their promises?

Adding to their wounds, Kit Siang and his loyalists are allowing flawed Dr Mahathir and Muhyiddin to team up. No doubt that desperate times call for desperate measures, a more significant question that these chinese supporters should ask themselves, if by allowing Dr Mahathir and Muhyiddin to dictate them, would it be meant to help or to hurt them further?

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