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Who would not be shocked if someone who had held the second highest position in a ministry responsible for managing the country’s finances, in split second is doubting the government’s decisions? Husni Hanadzlah was the former Finance Minister 2 who was also given the responsibility to handle government’s rationalisation plan for 1MDB, had gone on a live television show in RTM to answer all doubts but yesterday, he appeared to mistrust his own words during the budget debate session in Parliament.

What kind of a person is this?

It boggles the mind to read an article from MalaysiaToday titled “Two billion reasons why Husni attacked Najib yesterday”, to note Husni’s reasons for his abrupt attack on the government and in particular PM Najib Razak by questioning an answered 1MDB issue. As expected, such theatrical act is as good as feeding the mice in a bucket full of rice for the oppositions but that is beside the point when a right minded opposition leader could easily sense that it was out of a personal vendetta.

A message to the Cabinet Minister was also revealed indicating Husni’s outrage and towards the end of the text, the tendency to blackmail is obvious.

Tak apa kita serah pada Allah. Kita berdoa semoga Allah letakkan pemimpin2 yang ada digniti dan integriti demi kesejahteraan negara.

Dah jadi kelaziman…untuk mempertahankan diri..mereka akan reka pelbagai cerita.

Saya tak buka mulut lagi…baru 1% sahaja cerita yang keluar. Saya boleh keluarkan 5%, 10%, 30%, 50%, 75% dan 100%. Semua maklumat dalam tangan saya.

Jangan main foul…nanti terbongkar semua cerita.

The message was forwarded to a cabinet minister but the intention is crystal clear that it is meant for PM Najib Razak. Is Husni blackmailing PM Najib? If what is written is true, it seems that PM Najib was taken as his captive and turning our top leader into a ‘Yes Man’ and if his wishes are not granted, expect all hell to break loose.

If this is how Husni took all his frustrations over the cancelled New Pantai Expressway (NPE) project and anger out on PM Najib, then he is not fit to claim as someone to have dignity and integrity for the nation’s prosperity.

That is why when he questioned the government’s motive to set up 1MDB, the public did not receive it with great enthusiasm but the netizens have reminded Husni on his appearance on the live tv forum to show how silly for him to ask questions that he had once answered.

Further, with Husni’s move to act naive over 1MDB issues, PM Najib’s decision to replace him is dead right. He has thus proven to not only the Prime Minister for his incompetence to hold the Finance Minister 2 position, Husni is telling us that he is an outdated minister who is too idle to understand international business transactions.

Malaysians may be kept in the dark and might wonder on Husni’s hidden intentions for repeating his own answered questions but with MalaysiaToday’s exposure, many will understand that Husni’s action is merely based on personal grieves and resentment to the cancelled project which was lobbied for a long time.

It is not the people’s confidence in the government that should worry Husni but whether they ought to believe in him. Are his actions based on good or bad faith towards the government as well as PM Najib Razak. Should Husni finds that Malaysia Today’s article is a deliberately fabricated slander, please take them to court.

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