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Earlier, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Abdul Rahman Dahlan announced a stern scrutiny at companies granted for government projects that at the same instant are supporting movements to seize power from ruling party Barisan Nasional. The question here is, WHY NOT?

Datuk Rahman mentioned specifically on ‘Bersih’ and he was spot on to link Bersih’s movement to topple a democratically elected government as they are often caught red-handed on the opposition stage campaigning for their cause. Datuk Rahman is also correct when Bersih has been conducting illegal gatherings and activities masking behind their actual intentions as an electoral reform group.

Strangely enough when Bersih Chief Maria Chin was instantly furious to Datuk Rahman’s statement as though agreeing that there are among their funders who are government contractors. Without any sense of shame and guilt, she still claimed that Bersih is meant to fight for corruption, good governance and for free and fair elections when everyone knows that they are never free from opposition politics.

In response to DAP’s lawmaker Ong Kian Ming’s call to prove that Bersih’s movement is the opposition tool to seize power from the ruling party who was elected by majority rakyat in a democratic process, Datuk Rahman provided his pieces of evidence.

It is crystal clear that during Bersih 4 finale, the organiser allowed their speakers to call for a coup against the ruling party and demanded Prime Minister Najib Razak’s resignation. Maria and previous Bersih Chief, Ambiga Sreenevasan have appeared in numerous opposition party events including the by-election campaigns in Kuala Kangsar too. In fact in their upcoming street rally scheduled on November 19, that is supposed to be their main agenda.

Bersih organiser could wish to camouflage behind their free and fair election campaigns but so far it appears that they have abused it when they have participated actively the anti-GST rallies organised by opposition parties when what the government has imposed is worldwide accepted and a workable tax system.

Let us ask Maria, what GST has got to do anything with their struggle for free and fair election if not to defy our nation’s tax system?

What is obvious, Bersih and its team have every intention to cripple the government’s administration and hence given them every reason to join force with the opposition parties to campaign against allegedly a bankrupt nation. Are these Bersih people still lagging with the global economy uncertainties that our country could no longer solely depend on oil revenue? Should Maria has another brilliant idea to sustain our revenue for an alternative, please do so.

Bersih’s intention is vehemently opposing government’s wrongdoings and corruptions. Who doesn’t? But again, why should Maria deliberately skipped what DAP-led Penang Chief Minister has done and with the MACC multiple charges against him? Have we ever heard any criticism from Maria and her Bersih team against Guan Eng or are they being double-standard?

Bersih and the opposition leaders demanded that PM Najib should step down even he was cleared by relevant lawful authorities including by a DAP representative in the Public Accounting Committee. Unlike Guan Eng, he is no longer under investigation but now is charged in court. Who should Bersih demand his resignation and why is Maria silent about it?

Should Maria and her Bersih team needed to be reminded, in their very own Pemantau Report confirmed that the claim on phantom foreign voters and alleged blackouts during GE13 did not exist and were not proven. Instead, Ambiga repeatedly mentioned them in her speeches. Is Bersih deceiving themselves?

Is it not that Bersih is the opposition tool? Should Datuk Rahman call to blacklist Bersih funders from government contractors, it is well-aimed. It is timely that Maria and Bersih make an honourable admission that they are under the oppositions’ command for a coup against the ruling party Barisan Nasional. There is no point to say that black is white if you think it is to your advantage and the most suitable word suits these Bersih people is … HYPOCRITES!

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