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When a person is blindfolded, they tend to do something easily and quickly but not necessary correct and perhaps it merely ended up with wild guesses. The minute Datuk Husni Hanadzlah announced that he resigned from the new ministrial cabinet reshuffle, the oppositions started their imaginations to run wild with baseless speculations.

Husni’s reason is simple and straight forward when his health could deteriorate his focus on his job in the government as well as in UMNO. But opposition leader such as Mahfuz who is famous for his nonsense remarks, is quicked to linked it to 1MDB. Mahfuz questioning Husni’s resignation and blamed it on PM Najib leadership certainly has nothing better to say. Just because Husni comes from Ministry of Finance, therefore everyone should incline to be as suspicious as Mahfuz?

Not only Husni will have his hands on 1MDB, he will also have vast knowledge on all scandals including the opposition state government in Kelantan, Pulau Pinang and Selangor too. He also is well aware on Justo’s admission to the oppositions involvement to the stolen documents from PetroSaudi. Husni will not missed on PAC’s findings that PM Najib is clear from any wrongdoings in 1MDB.

The lists can go on but Mahfuz chooses to be selective in his suspicion.

To be fair, Husni is an appointed member in the supreme council as UMNO treasury. He did not contest in the last party election and therefore he is seen to be quite a low profile among the grassroot. If we were to compare Husni with Muhyiddin, the latter is more notable to UMNO members. Even so, Muhyiddin is rejected by majority members.

Instead of harping into UMNO internal affairs, it is best that Mahfuz’s convergent to better serve his own constituents that may be grabbed away in the next election. His own PAS is also not doing well when the results from Sarawak state election together with the twin by-elections proven that his party is on the verge of loosing more seats.

Mahfuz could be quite ambitious to get hold of Kedah once again when he is seen to be with Mukhriz in most ocassions. Perhaps, Mahfuz has forgotten that it was never Mukhriz who led to wrest Kedah from PAS but it is the present Menteri Besar Ahmad Bashah. To stay in cahoot with Mukhriz and feed PAS’s rivals with their political strategies is definitely placing PAS at risks.

Infact, PAS should consider to sack Mahfuz from the party when he is obvious to have close ties with DAP too. That is the very reason why Mahfuz seldom promote PAS but instead he is keen to invite Husni to join DAP dan Dr Mahathir’s ‘Save Malaysia’ campaign.

Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah has carried his job well as the Second Finance Minister and even to respond on 1MDB issues but regretfully most of his statements to defend 1MDB were marginalised by opposition friendly journos. He even emphasized that the issues are merely based on perceptions created by irresponsible parties including those played up by certain media.

To coax Husni publicly to join the anti-Najib team from the oppositions end is merely meant to ask him to betray his former boss PM Najib Razak. That is what the opposition pact has been doing when they discarded PAS to form Pakatan Harapan with double-crosser members. It is indeed a very despicable act but it is expected. Look no further to who are the roots to speculate thus later demonise the government and Mahfuz is one good example to look at. Just because Husni was the second Minister of Finance, his resignation needed to be politically speculated and that is all matters to them.

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