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The ṭalaq divorce in Islam, a husband and wife are given the chances to reconcile for first and second time but after the third talaq, both are not allowed to be akad in matrimony until the wife is married to someone else. In the case of Muhyiddin, Mukhriz and his father Dr Mahathir, they are considering themselves to be on the third phase of divorce with UMNO.

As in their latest statement publicly, both Muhyiddin and Mukhriz have announced that they would not appeal to UMNO supreme council unanimous decision to release them from the organisation’s membership. For Dr Mahathir, it was twice that he left UMNO on his own accord and was sacked from UMNO for the first time by the late Tunku Abdul Rahman.

If Islam allows both husband and wife to be reunited in matrimony after the 3rd talaq, the wife should remarry and the trios should do the same if they would consider to return to UMNO. They should be married to a new political platform. No matter which ever political party they would choose or perhaps to form a new party, the trios have decided to challenge UMNO in every way.

It seems there are only left with PAS and the newly formed party PAN who are interested to pitch for the trios at the moment to the extent that PAN is willing to offer the top positions in the party. Perhaps PAS will not be their keen option since PAS is seen to be as UMNO friendly. Therefore they are left between the DAP sponsored PAN or going for broke with UMNO with a new political party.

Mukhriz has his followers in Kedah whereas Muhyiddin will carry his staunch supporters from Johor. The question is do they have sufficient numbers to be with them to oust UMNO/BN in the next general election?

First and foremost, UMNO is only one fraction of 13 other coallition parties in Barisan Nasional (BN), no doubt UMNO is the catalyst. To challenge UMNO, the trio should also be facing their 12 brothers too if they are talking about preparing for the next general election. Even if UMNO would face a major disunity, it will be too impossible to defeat BN.

Within UMNO, there are more than 20,000 branches through out Malaysia and if the trios are banking on a few hundreds to upset PM Najib Razak, his presidency in UMNO and BN are not affected or shaken at all. Continued strong support from all supreme council members comprises of more than 50, each would have at least 30 to 50 branches with them.

To reaffirm the argument that the trio’s intention would fail and should put to rest, the Sarawak state election plus the recent twin by-elections landslide victories are the clear evidence and significant signals. It is thus about numbers that the trios will fail endlessly to oust PM Najib Razak.

Besides, to run a political party not only the trios failed to get sufficient numbers but they also need a handsome amount of fund. Are the trios willing to sacrifice their savings when they knew the impossibles? They can be as ambitious as Zaid Ibrahim who eventually had to dissolve his party KITA when even his funders backed off for not producing results.

Even when the trios are in UMNO and in particular Mukhriz and Muhyiddin, it is said that they are not as favorable as Anwar Ibrahim used to be to challenge the President. With Muhyiddin’s unfriendly approach with the grassroots and Mukhriz who had to carry his father’s image at all times, the impossible almost comes to reality.

Therefore, the thought of a success challenge towards UMNO through a new formed political party will be a sinking ship, they are left with no choice but to face the 3rd talaq that is to unite with the opposition parties and they are left with no choice but the DAP funded and PAS splinters – PAN. By all odds, it is best for the trios to rest their political struggle gracefully and enjoy life with their families and friends.




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