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It is very unlikely for DAP to state an early defeat in any contest to face Barisan Nasional but the coming twin by-elections for Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar parliamentary seats, they seems to be pessimistic. In Kit Siang’s statement to media who claimed that it will be an uphill battle for Pakatan Harapan, he already sensed slim chances to win and perhaps they could even loose their deposits.

Is this 75 years old DAP stalwart for real? Surely it is a miracle if Amanah wins and doesn’t it sounds as though DAP has the least confident to win?

Of late, after DAP lost in Teluk Intan by-election, in reality they are increasingly losing popularity, especially among the Chinese voters. This is due to too many issues created by Guan Eng in Penang. With the latest crushing defeat in Sarawak state election, perhaps DAP had learnt their lesson that without PAS support they are approaching their political collapse.

Azmin’s failure to negotiate thus block PAS insistence to proceed with their candidacy for the twin by-elections even with a stern warning, left Pakatan Harapan with no choice but to face in a 3 corner contest. This is something that DAP is unable to accept and yet nothing could be done since they are the main reason to the hostility with Hadi Awang.

Further, to join force with Dr Mahathir is another DAP’s miscalculated strategy that they are vulnerable to pay a very high price in the near future.

No doubt in the last general election, Sungai Besar is the third most marginal UMNO seat and they won with slim majority but then even during the oppositions are at their strongest point, they still failed to unseat their rival. Yet again, that was when PAS is part of the pact.

Kit Siang remained with his racist stand and DAP is still the chauvinist party when all they care is Sekinchan constituency where DAP won for the second term from majority Chinese voters. Even in his blog, Kit Siang delibrately focus for Sekinchan development which clearly indicate that his Amanah candidate will not be able to get Malay votes and DAP has no choice but to depend solely on the Sekinchan Chinese.

Realising that the neighbouring constituency in Sungai Besar is a Malay dominant area and has been UMNO stronghold for decades, whilst without PAS support anymore DAP is already at their ends meet. Perhaps DAP last resort would have to depend on PKR campaign in Malay areas.

But then again, Sungai Besar opposition grassroots does not belong to PKR but PAS. Even so, PKR supporters in Sungai Besar does not favor Azmin but they are the former Menteri Besar staunch followers.

Indeed it is an uphill battle for not only Amanah but in actual fact, DAP and PKR would feel the most bitter pinch. Should UMNO manage to improve their majority and especially in Sekinchan, this will be an early signal that the newly formed Pakatan Harapan is heading to their desrtuctive path to face the coming GE14.

It has always and will be that the Malay voters who determine the ruling party in every general election since independence but definitely it will not be from any of DAP’s bell boys.




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