With or without Wan Azizah or Anwar’s consent, Rafizi’s WhatsApp message on alleged Selangor government sex bribery practise is made public already, therefore he is not only responsible to lodge a report to MACC and the police and if he fails to do so, he is subject to face punishment for harbouring offender under section 212 of the Penal Code.

The act of soliciting a bribe in the form of money or women service is an offense. While some may think it is just the internal political chessboard between the PKR president’s and Azmin’s team with, it should never be politicized.

Rafizi’s claim is a serious allegation because it involves the credibility and integrity of the state government. Should he claimed to be a responsible lawmaker, he ought to take the matter to the police and MACC to allow the allegations to be investigated.

PKR should aware that Rafizi’s allegations are no more the matter of internal party affairs but it is already a criminal element. So whether Rafizi wanted to submit his evidence to the president or not, it has become secondary.

And as for Azmin, to deny Rafizi’s claims but linked them to a move to aggravate his administration undertaken by certain quarters would only lead to a more intensifying situation. There is no point for Azmin to bark around unless Rafizi fails to lodge his reports to the authorities concerned.

On the same note Azmin should consider this, will he be courageous and firm enough to act against Rafizi who is also the party Secretary General for producing false allegations and attempting to tarnish his leadership?

PKR internal bickering and clashes among their leaders is nothing new. The Kajang Move claimed to be initiated by Rafizi is one of the best of their internal their leaders maelstrom when former Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim were accused of wrongdoings involving bribery too. But eventually, their former Secretary General had to apologise in court for their false alarm.

Do not get too excited over PKR’s political game of replays for their – I have the evidence. If we could still remember how Anwar claimed to have stacks of UMNO leaders wrongdoings in his piles of boxes, it is already more than ten years that neither did Anwar ever spoke about it nor the evidences have appeared.

Infact, sex and PKR leaders seems inseparable while it is as though these vice activities in the past years since Ronnie Liu in Selangor government, moral issues surrounding the dissolved Pakatan Rakyat leadership is still picking up even in Azmin’s administration.

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