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In achieving the ideals of each, it will be impossible unless there are peace and unity and governed by a competent administration that create open opportunities. That is the gist to Prime Minister Najib Razak’s keynote during his  report card presentation  on the National Transformation Programme (NTP) 2015 Annual Report last night.

The National Transformation Programme or NTP under the auspices of the National Transformation Policy took off five years ago and PM Najib positively declared that the Government has succeeded in crafting Malaysia’s economic strategy and that the transformation plan is working and they are delivering to the nation and in particular to the people too.

Within 5 years of its implementation and during the trying time when the country is faced with global economic turmoil, the GTP from National Key Result Areas (NKRA) hits at 99 per cent in its Key Performance Index delivery. While the ETP reaches 111 percent in its KPI and addition to it, the KPI for Strategic Reform Initiatives has reached 108 percent.

Within 70 months beginning with the 2010 budget, the economy has proven 5 success indication in the NTP thus leading the nation on an accurate and resilient path. Our domestic average growth is at 5.6 percent since 2010 and infact in 2015, Malaysia among the ASEAN region marked the best in her

Government success stories should also be complimented with its people accomplishments too. Therefore in his presentation, PM Najib shared how the NTP could change their destiny and transfrom them as well as the surrounding communities.

A gardener and a daily laborer from Teoh Gunong village in Kelantan, Mr Che Azmily bin Abdul Aziz has increased his income from 500 ringgit to 5,000 ringgit a month. The government aid through 1AZAM Tani program provided him with equipments and agricultural materials such as seeds, fertilizer and insect pesticides has expanded to undertake short-term seasonal cash crops from various vegetables to stingless bees breeding for honey.

Even a maruku and peanuts supplier could achieve millions of ringgits in his business through government MeSTI program. A humble beginning as a local supplier, now Mr Manimaran Ekamparam from Kampar Perak, his company MS Village Foods Sdn Bhd is a sole supplier to Air Asia and MAS. Their income rose from 1.9 million ringgit in 2012 to almost 3 million in 2014.

On the global stage, ProEight Sdn Bhd lead by Ir Azhar Zainal Abidin is the epitome of a local company to be proud of. ProEight is a manufacturer of mechanical seals and pumps in the oil and gas sector. Succeeding in participating overseas trade missions headed by Malaysian Petroleum Resources Corp, ProEight secured more than 20 projects from Thailand that they established a ProEight Thailand Co Ltd last year.

Very soon, ProEight will reach out to Saudi Arabia to set up a maintenance and overhaul centre which will be operated by a joint venture with Arabian Establishment for Trading, Shipping and Petroleum Works.

Our Sabah and Sarawak family are not left behind to enjoy and benefited the government’s economy transformation plan. Mr Sidi anak Tuba from Sungai Liuk, Mukah in Sarawak succeeded through 1AZAM Tani since 2010 when intially his monthly income is just RM450. He grows corns and various crops in his own 3.6 hectar piece of land, from supplying to only his village and now one of the main supplier to cover the whole of Mukah where his income has increases to RM9,000 a month.

Mr Patang Saharing has made not only Sabahans proud but his success with NTP to set up a Dental Spa is such a creative and an out of the box effort. His unique idea received tremendous respond from locals that he had to operate his clinic to the maximum daily. What is more encouraging that this young man is the result of the success of Bumiputera Entrepreneurs Startup Scheme program or SUPERB.

Mr Lia Ah Kau, a palm oil small scale farmer from Kuala Krau Pahang is among the Chinese community who appreciates from Government efforts to replant his 40 years old oil palm trees whilst increases his revenues. He has received Government assistance to improve productivity from the machinaries provided in his daily work. He expects that his harvest would at least increase to 30 percent more than the previous.

Chik Azmily the Kelantanese farmer, Mr Manimaran and his maruku, Ir Azhar Zainal Abidin to world stage, Mr Sidi and our creative Dental Spa owner Mr Patang plus the appreciative Mr Lia Ah Kau are only part of Prime Minister Najib’s National Transformation success stories where there are many more in the list. Their accomplishments should serve as role models by many and especially the peasantry.

Meanwhile, the Government will continue to support our entrepreneurs for their success to the highest level, align with a passion to turn Malaysia into a developed country. Congratulations to all and thus, what is essential is that the people and the government should reach out closely as the Malay proverb says “Ibarat aur dengan tebing” or like the bamboo and the river bank, inseparable and dependent on each other to have confidence and believe in the Government’s commitment.

As Prime Minister Najib Razak’s call that the Government and the rakyat should not be distracted by negative vibes from certain quarters that are just a waste of time yet unrewarding. Waste no more time and together we sow fresh seeds where it is today and everyday until it will progress as what the Barisan Nasional government determined to lift Malaysia and the people to the highest level as promised.




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